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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Deep Forest

She enters the forest
On a well groomed trail.
Clean, dark, trodden soil
Skipping brightly
Across the soft moss.  
High, tight ponytail
Bouncing behind her.
A smile on her face.
A few clouds roll over.
She takes little notice.
Does not pay attention
To the increasing fog
Or darkness.
The way that more leaves
Lay upon the trail.
The rocks are larger.
The roots are longer.
And it all escapes her.
At once it appears.
Her range of sight has minimized
To the large trees surrounding her.
The dark enveloping her.
She looks down.
Where has the trail gone?
What seemed once so bold and steady
Has now faded
Into oblivion.
Her jaw drops
Fear sweeps through her
So fast
With the now howling wind
Her body tremors.
Drops to her knees.
Huddles tightly
Against the tree nearest.
A cold wind
Whisks her hair around her shoulders.
And that’s when
She begins to see
What lies beneath
The heavy veil
Of black.
Yet somehow,
How to fight an enemy?
That seems in being
Its muscular arm
Reaches out from its cover.
Veins bulging.
Towards what beats under her ribs
Which is now
Gripped in the most extreme sort of terror.
She then realizes
What the fingers are grasping at.
The layer of light.
Which has so mysteriously appeared.
Is being peeled away at.
She feels it in her heart.
Which has presented this shield.
And is now being peeled away.
Standing up slowly
And now knowing the only thing
Which can save her now
Running away from the beast frantically
She searches for a way out
She is discouraged
For all of the scenery resembles itself
But continues on
The adrenaline pumping
How come it is taking so long
To leave a place that was entered so quickly?
One foot
In front of the other
She tells herself.
Just a little bit farther.
Grab her hair and scratch her face
Roots threaten to trip her.
The darkness hides large rocks which block her way.
The thumping of the monsters heavy footsteps become
And louder
Her heart seems to quicken to a vibrate.
And finally
She emerges into a bright meadow
And collapses on the ground
For now she knows that she has entered a sanctuary.
Protected by the light.
Never shall she look back
Even though she can hear
Him screaming
And shaking the trees with his large fists
Hidden by the dark.
Not even
When the forest becomes inviting once again
And seems safe and beautiful and virtuous.
She shall never again succumb
to the false

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