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I go to the gym

I go to the gym because my body is the media of first contact. My eyes, ears, skin, muscles and bones are how the physical world is mediated to my “self”. It is also the media in which I have the most control, if I want big biceps, I do curls. The obvious complication is that my eyes, ears, skin, muscles, bones and synapses are my “self.”  Of course, this goes back to the binary of form and content.  My body is the form and my mind is the content. My mind is a creation of my body, and my body is a creation of my mind.
Who said meatheads weren’t creative?
Now we can look at the gym as a metaphor for our lives. In each visit to the gym, you decide what you want to achieve, do you want a big back, arms, chest, legs? You work out your lats, your delts, your biceps, your triceps, incline, decline, quads, glutes…  Do you want a six pack? You run, you do sit ups with a 45 on your chest, you do the ab machines.  Do you want to just lose weight? You run, you do heavy weight on the big muscle groups like your legs and your back. What you want you can achieve if you use your mind to use your body.  
In every life we decide what we want to achieve. Do we want to be rich? Happy? Rich and happy? Do we want to own a house, have kids, get married, become a bum, become an astronaut, become a hippy, become a body builder…?
The obvious complication is that in the gym, the men lift weights to get a big upper body and/or run and do sit ups with weights to get ripped abs and the girls use the elliptical machines to tone their legs and lose weight to get a skinny waist.  I.E. the type of body a person wants is usually defined by what they are in the first place.  Of course, the idea that we have become so saturated by images of skinny women and men with big upper bodies and ripped abs in the media that that becomes what we want to become.
Or, you could say that evolution has made men with big upper bodies and ripped abs attractive to women because it shows that they can protect their offspring and women with skinny waists, big hips and toned legs attractive because it shows that they are young enough and capable to reproduce.
Abs and big arms are in essence a physical representation of how good one is at sex. If you think about it, it becomes obvious. This is why I go to the gym.  I want sex.

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