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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Conquerer from the Stars

Up in Taurus in space so deep
Hidden in Hyades did it keep.
The Nameless on lies within
Face distorted to a grin.
His nemesis, or so it's thought,
Is here on earth, and so is caught
In R'lyeh, the great geometric city.
It sunk below, but not a pity,
For star-spawn children who crafted it
Were all not lost in the abysmal pit.
And to Idh-yaa's dismay
The third Great Old One is there to stay.
The spawn of Nagoob within does lie
And to R'lyeh there is a tie.
In death like sleep it meditates
For upon awakening it devastates
The human world.
None are spared, they all are hurled
Into the nothingness of space and time
(And nothing there is too sublime!)
Of avatars the Great One has two.
B'moth and Chorazin who slew
The pitied man who are devout
When out of the water tenticles did sprout.
And this creature birthed on the planet Vhoorl,
Did rise above and destroyed the coral.
This star god below Azathoth,
And the Lurker at the Threshold, Yog-Sothoth.
This fiend who took on many a form,
This crafty gremlin, this rising storm.
Gazing at the behemoth has not
Ghatanothoa's effect of skin rot.
This thing made out of blasphemy
Has kin his own, the horrid three.
Ythogtha imprisoned in the abysmal Yhe
Is laying there still to this day.
Zoth-Ommog, like the great Yith,
Is not another silly myth.
Both the two served by Father Ubb and yuggs.
Man is insignifigant like bugs.
Cthylla the slavering daughter
Caused a massacre and slaughter.
Laying in Yhe with her horde
Of secrets that blind man adored.
These beasts, these Great Ones can't be trusted.
Using the weak minded until they're thrusted
From the ocean so deep and blue,
Led by Cthulu, that horrid grue.
Prayers fall upon deaf ears.
These gods of crimson lust and fears.
The atrocity, the gangrene sets in,
Spreading plagues with an outstretched fin.
Waves of Yuggya start to race
To take man's sacrafice with grace.
Aided with a black grimoire,
The sky is red like Xoth, the star.
With devastation to shun Mephistopheles,
The horrid ones, the great atrocities.
Waves of crimson high do surge,
To take in what the bloody scourge
Has left of man, who dieties had once adored,
But arcaine Great Ones have abhorred.
They bring waves of suffering,
There's no escaping the hell you're in.
The Great One's beloved genocide,
Taking life out with the tide.
The dirge has begun, there's no stopping it.
Upon his skull throne, Cthulu does sit
While stars shatter and cosmos collide,
Until the last of man has died.

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