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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Where I'm From

I am from shady graves
From muddy jeans and rocky caves
I am from the park
(tinncanned, trashed; rotting every thought)
I am from the weeping willow
The thorned red rose
Oh... The everlasting
I'm from parting families
And crooked noses
From mom and dad
I'm from stressed and tiredless means
From hard to deal with
And no running in the house
I am from a careless god
Faded prayers of simple faith
I'm from next door to sin city
From the rednecks of Alabama
To the pale ocean waters of Rhode Island
Pastas and Juicey Burgers
The obese and the lies
Crushed in boxes in the closet
Filled with fake smiles
Bad vacations and stupid fights
Burned in my mind
All the times I've tried to unwined

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