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Random Poem:

Remembering Slide

Patches of mushrooms whiten the carpet
beginning to pallidly nose at the walls
faded rose striped dank papering
The ceiling paint strips & peels
as someone kicks & spins
stretched up on bare-soled tripping
as dark air fills with pungent living odors
rising underfoot
Tightening the noose
Slip in a fit
(come share my scream teeming dreams)
Nah! Let’s head west
& burn like candles on a saucer
while the desert reaches out
to a 360 degree horizon
like a shore to the void
where stars are so brilliantly profuse
you can easy see nothing’s worth caring about
but life’s so simple & light you forget to be sad
&then you grow old & die before you even know
Do not despair of this rotting air
the backroom is a greenhouse
we roll up our sleeves now harvest has come
pass round a ruby flagon of piss
& talk about how it’s going to be
& how it was then when the car broke down
& we walked halfway back from Lorne
& found Slide who O’deed & couldabeen a star
And how there’s not enough rain forest left
& how the air is fetid with fumes
& how Slides spirit still haunts the front room
cos that’s where we found him
where the sun shines on half the old mattress
dirt yellow in the late afternoon
& where he was happiest practicing riffs
& took his girls to fuck
& remember when he called us in to watch
& couldn’t get it up
& didn’t we laugh when the girl took her schoolbag
& pissed off in a huff with Slide
bare-arsed at the door yelling after her
“Sweet thing- don’t do junk”
And rember when he said
“I’m gonna make it big”
& remember when he said
“it’s OK for you but this a phase
I’m just passing through”
& remember how he used to say
“when the crop pays off
I’m gonna leave this crap behind
get outta here go live clean on the coast
write those shit songs everyone loves
if you want you can come along for the ride”
So now harvesting’s done
We go sit on the side of the mattress
Where the shaft of smoke-stained sunlight hits
& listen to his fave CD (aka Prince)
Remembering Slide

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