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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Pure Imagination

Once, there was this time,  
I was at the mercy of a man  
Who my parents had picked for me
And you came all bravado  
Tore him away from me just in time
Punched him in the face  
Kicked him in the stomach  
I pulled you off him  
Only to kick him in the crotch  
You gave me your jacket  
Because my clothes were torn  
And drove me to the top of this hill  
Held me close and promised  
No man would ever come near me  
Unless it was you  
I hear my name called by a friend  
I am sitting at a table having lunch  
It was only a daydream  
Weeks after we were in medieval times  
We met at a party held for a birth  
I was of higher stature than you  
But we were connected by my clumsiness  
As I tripped and fell, you caught me  
We laughed and fell in love  
But we knew my family wouldn’t approve  
Because you had no money at all  
And I had all the money in the world  
So we got married secretly  
And promised to elope  
But like Romeo and Juliet  
We met our ends deeply in love
Taking our lives for each other  
I hear a pencil drop  
Alas, I had fallen asleep in English class  
It was the night after we had first met  
I heard a click at my window  
Only to find you standing with a rose  
You declare your love  
Insisting I had bewitched you  
Body and soul  
I laugh and explain that I’m awake  
Only with thoughts of him  
You hold me close and I close the light  
But we just lay there  
Telling each other our secrets  
Making promises of a tomorrow  
Suddenly my alarm clock rings  
But I continue to smile  
With thoughts only of you  
From last night’s dream  
I am awaiting your response to me  
After our previous engagement  
We’re at another party  
I’m all dressed up just for you  
I see you enter with a suit  
You don’t immediately look for me  
I try and catch your eye  
But you aren’t even trying to catch mine  
It seems you heard from someone else  
That I was not worth the trouble  
My family would give you  
And you foolishly decide to heed the warning  
I try still to catch your attention  
But you treat me as a stranger  
I come to a holiday party  
Knowing that both of us were invited  
You call you friend and refuse to show  
Because you’d rather not see me  
Yet still insist on your sister  
To find out how I’ve been  
You on the other hand get drunk  
At some grotesque place called “Groove”  
And had no regard for anything  
I silently laugh at myself  
I enjoyed you a great deal in my dreams  
You were a perfect gentleman  
Unafraid of anyone  
And something of a hero  
I must admit that in real life you aren’t much,  
But some pretty face  
There is no life I know  
To compare with pure imagination  
Because there I can keep you safe  
But in reality there’s nothing to hold on to
So I resolve in leaving you in my daydreams  
For another day  
And you can get on that plane  
And leave me without saying goodbye  
Because that’s reality  
But I’m used to it and
I won’t miss you because
You were nothing but creation  
In pure imagination

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