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Random Poem:

Gavroche's Peace

The name’s Gavroche.
You probably know me from that
trashy novel Les Miserables,
which, by the way, does a terrible
job depicting what actually happened
to me.
So I got hit by the gunmen,
right? Well, in real life,
I dodged every shot.
I’m not without my wings
man. I beat that situation
with my flight over fight.
You’re probably wondering
what I’m doing in America.
I got sick of all the c’est la vies,
if you want to know the truth,
and wanted that all-American burger
over my gruel.
I’m still poor, but I steal
that cupcake every once in a while,
to prove a point,
to show off my wings.
I’m no angel, though, but I’ll
tell you this—I treat everyone
with kindness, share my bread,
sing my song and share my dance—
but call out the Javerts when
I need to prevent potential betrayals.
I love my patch,
wear it like my dissent,
and yeah I have yellow
teeth and a dirty face and ragged clothes,
but I’m only sporting the street look,
which I must say I do very well.
I hate Victor Hugo and
partially despise Rousseau.
Not sure about Voltaire;
I have a love-hate relationship with
his work.
Live the revolution!
You want to save the world,
step in front of that cannon
and actually avoid getting shot,
Yes—us. It’s about us! I have a vision,
panoramic perfection,
where the view is always sweet,
where freedom of choice
knocks out oppression twenty-four seven,
where love conquers hate.
You wanna know why I
am the only misery-struck victim
that’s actually happy? It’s cuz I don’t
sweat the small stuff, I don’t give up,
and I don’t get caught
up in all the drama, the hate.
I find beauty in the dirt and sun,
and I always will.
I show off my wings for a reason, you know.
The system wants to strip me
of my innocence, but it runs deep.
There’s so much to be happy about.
So much to appreciate!
I am a free ray of light,
‘tis the fault of my spite.
I love even when it stings,
‘tis the fault of my wings.
I’m proud to be a quiet warrior,
a silent sparrow,
and if you get caught up
in the mythos of misery,
you’ll never be happy.
Another thing that people
don’t know is I had a
crush on Cosette. She knew
misery better than me. But hey,
she’s a good match for Marius, right?
Well, I won’t keep you waiting.
There are countries we could be saving,
and this bird needs to fly.
Remember, smile when the burden
hurts. It gets easier after a while.
Trust me. This life is not pain.
This life sings in the rain.
It outshines all the negative
things, like a gamin spreading
his wings for the first time.
A child taking his first step.
I am an instrument of choice,
‘tis the fault of my voice.
I quietly show you the path,
‘tis the fault of my wrath.

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