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Random Poem:

It's like This

It’s like this;
‘Reality’, is hard to comprehend.
We move by instinct
By shaping and breaking,
Willing others
to bend.
It’s like this;
I forget so much
Run from cities because they scare me.
so many people
Bright lights
and a      dirty    intimacy.
It’s like this;
like nothing.
Because you have to get out to see it for real.
I came home without much to say
the empty space of a savant mind-
to feel.
It’s like this;
I was never disillusioned (?) enough to think he was the ‘one’
This place it, permanence.
But... the shade falls towards me
and I keep moving my lawn chair
following the sun.
It’s like this;
I hate politics
or add an ‘I.A.N.’ if you’re so inclined.
My dad GW, my mom Nader,
and I?
I was just 17... six months too young
to make a choice
but here I am
two years later
and now am I old enough to
have a voice?
Because a woman should have a right to her life
A child a place to learn to read,
and the environment,
that fickle political label we peg to every crazy green...
well this Earth,
she has nurtured us, babied us, raised us,
and as far as I can see...
But the arguments are nothing
Nothing but words warped by anger
Unwilling to bend.
All I’ve got is a feeling
to work off of
A feeling,
and I’m too young,    they say
    I hate politics, anyway.
They separate the same side.
We are all just humans, after all
but that’s another argument,
and they say
    Arguments lie.
It’s like this;
The slipping of hours into a day.
The sky turned red last night in a forgotten flash of passion,
of a time years ago
when it Remembered
what to say.

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