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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Thanks Jack

Things have become
more delicate, since
my eating ceased.
No need for food after
I've seen all that died.
I've seen my father die.
I've seen my brother die, eyes went vacant
in his faint life.
I've seen my silent sister die, no words
to let me know where she was going.
I've watched the distasteful thought die.
I've watched the perverse fantasy die.
I've seen the tacky flower die.
The drama plays itself out.
The overdramatic watches itself cartoon.
I've watched  my friend Danny return
  to his old neighborhood in the Bronx,
   where none of his friends survived
     their habit to smack.
I've watched Wiley Coyote die.
I've seen people lose their jobs.
I've lost a $10 spot & I really need it!
My co-worker goes home to a shelter, now.
  Her home was leveled by the storm.
Someone was impaled by a street sign
  in that storm.
Jaime liked everything in the raw--now,
  she's sick.
I've watched Daffy Duck go nuts.
Her husband went for a walk
  to the end of the block & shot himself--
    the cancer in his face was too painful
       for him to take.
I've seen good people turn violent, fast.
I've seen promiscuity go out the window.
My buddy from Iraq couldn't shake the war,
   when he came home.
His legs have degenerated into sticks, no muscle
   mass, no body fat, only bones to sustain.
He has on good hand & waits to die.
Where is God in all of this?--
    Create in me..
He keeps fighting--doesn't know how to stop
    being a marine.
I've seen the trail die away to an open field--
    no prairies left.
I've seen maggots in the catfood--
   my roomate, jobless, sleeps until 3
      in the afternoon, doesn't clean.
I've seen sweet basil blacken, tomatoes crystal,
   the nightshade & thistle take over--
       the sage survived with the lambs breath
         lining the edge.
Nothing can stop a star
   from dying--it ate
     too many ashes from
       a god's suicide--
         its heart exploded.
I knew of a large man whose heart
   exploded--a nanoblipped supenova.
I've seen a computerized rendition
  of a supernova--
    its exploding light can be seen
      thousands of light years away.
Its what we're made of.
I've watched a river swallow--wonder what it
  swallows in its life.
I've seen bridges who bade goodbye--
  a poet still falling from Washington Avenue.
I've seen poetry blunt, slur, silence,
  waken, crap, grow,
And die--die in its crap.
I've never seen jack, never seen Jack,
   never seen jack, Jack die.
Thanks Jack.

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