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Random Poem:

diagnosis: pending

on the day. on the day on the day it all began
and your eyes and your eyes in your eyes i swam
it’s so far. it’s so long. it’s so far. it’s been too long.
and i’m here. and i can’t hear. and it feels like it’s gone
you said. you said. you said and i listened
weave a web of lies, in the moment in the moment: glisten
capture. capture capture and cage.
some kind of some kind of somekind of intense rage
onliness. onliness. onliness. is next to holiness.
which is godlessness. which they said was atrocious
and i wake and i wake and i wake alone
and i sleep and sleep and sleep since yer gone
and my home is my heart and my heart is my home
and you on the road means me alone
and alone is fine. alone is fine alone is fine alone is fine
just save a moment in time in time in time in good time
and in my memories i was yers and you weren’t mine
alone. alone alone alone alone alone.
alone is my home and you are in my heart
if you aren’t here, then we’ll be apart
and apart is fine b/c alone is my home
and you are where and i am here
and you there, which isn’t near
and we talked of us in terms of two
but you aren’t here and this isn’t new.
small it is, small it will be
you be you and i’m most certainly me.
together, apart. together . apart. to get her
is to be there. so do.

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