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Random Poem:

Poet's Hope.

The best loved poems of the American people,
The sacred cross of a church’s raised steeple
– Both praised and respected; adored by all,
Unlike my poems, so simple and small.
The lovers cry and the poets dream
Rip deep from beneath this body’s seam,
Read by few, revered by less
Unlike such jewels, the worldly possess–
Failing to take heed, the border of the background’s stream
Flowing through my spirit– a poet’s dream...
For one to witness and love each written word,
To hear the silence of sorrowful hours felt (my muse)
To become this soldier’s piercing sword–
One to dance with my pen,
As ink flows across the page–
As the morning sun and its glory take raise
To be inspired by moonbeams
Shining from this body’s cage
Brilliance and genius– to be adored by all
Is not what I ask for these poems, so small...
So I sing out.
I sing my stories for you–
Tune this writing hand from singing blue.
Like an angel taking flight by the bell that rings,
One heart to love these words, would grant me my wings–
For a muse, an emotional excuse to keep these rhymes aflow
Is all the pen seeks to give the ink its glow.
Not the sparkle of the world or their kisses so sweet
It’s the hope for one whose golden eye will meet
This poets words, impotently small
To be read and truly adored by that one,
Not by the false acceptance of “all”
So I sing out.

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