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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

Dark Ego

Words and letters, fetters, the factory yawns
Obscuring power, that tower, puts me in shade
In our minds land, his hand, reared the factory tall
Stand together! Break down the factory Fall!
Chhist holds a spear, bring fear, mists obscure the factory rears
Clothed in bark, Hark! Thy energy crackles about my head
Womb of Earth, gives birth, tread lightly upon mothers soil
The factory broad, a heavy load, the mind carries burdens untold
Deceive cheat = power, Raise the tower! Decadence degenerates mankind
How far fallen! Depths un-toll-en, the factory conceals the way
Red fiends dine, our deeds, the factory holds our needs
Ghouls eat the dead, our grave our bed, if the factory stands un-swayed
Builders of tower, the power, they wield is unknown
A boy, with his toy, they wield the cosmic axe of destruction
Invisible beast, he will come for a feast, we must build the factory tall
Project of construction, is destruction, of their souls
Beast invisible, becomes visible, in hearts of those who fight
They grow enamoured, and glamoured, with the factory
Tower of desire, grown out of control, fed by manipulated fears
It grows larger, and faster, the fall will be spectacular.
Trapped in chains, he feigns, the unblemished in dungeons dark
Aschaen without stain, your brother knocks at captors door
Dark creatures, without features, bind the spotless in chains of smoke
Factory full of terror, in error, we keep Aschaen in dungeons deep
Chhist says, a dog bays, barren heart is the death of words  
Who seeks meaning, the dreaming, believe what is said
Truth, is aloof, do not conceal with your wretched sayings
Release Aschaen, from the brain, the factory brings pain
Clutch the spear, which banishes fear, give up thoughts of mine
The words, heard, when uttered as arrows from the heart
With these, attack means, sunder the foundation of illimitable births
Keep the heart clear, hand grips spear, Chhist will never despair
Aschaen is passive, tower is massive, his destiny is writ
With his freedom, towers destruction, the creatures gather in night
Angel faces, with all the graces, mask the putrid heart
Devil becomes bold, the soul is sold, when superficiality divides
Factories dis-memberance, is remembrance of Aschaen pure
The heart becomes soft, when all is lost, factory sinks below
Chhist dismembers
Work is no more
Fear is no more
Fields are laid bare
Vistas unfold there
Brother is free
Factories place sprouts a tree
Fruit is free
How great are we
The fruit is glee
The seed of the factory sprouts upon eating thee

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