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Random Poem:

As Shadows Fall

Between the idea and the reality
In sleep, we die;
in dreams, we are resurrected
whole, yet divided
our vision of ourselves, the world
altered ever so slightly
ever so lightly time touches us
as it rushes, ever onward
undoing, yet renewing
could I but ever touch you
so tenderly, so honestly
In life, we die;
in love, we are reborn
two, yet one
two souls entwined, intermingled
as one heart, racing
to face the future, its reward
its consequence
apprehensive, yet hopeful
could I but dream your dreams
as you dream mine
Between the motion and the act
Thought can move mountains;
faith, seldom; if ever
there was a time for it
Once upon a time...
but a beginning for a fairy tale
steeped in the imbroglio
of the day to day
I cinch my girth
I will let bygones be
I will let myself go
An idea can shift the stars;
words, merely hinder their fusion
burning ever so ardently
in the silence of space
my voice would rings no less hollow
immersed in my own selfish
I forgot the true meaning of love
I will ignore my heart
I will let her go
Between the conception and the creation
Be love but an obsession, however dark;
a blindness, a blight upon the soul
yet even in darkness, light finds it way
illuminating the secrets we harbor
in our hearts; in our minds
we crave a conscious connection –
another soul, hopefully, just as soluble
as we dissolve into oblivion
if I could but care for another
as I cared for her
Being in love is an obsession, hopelessly so;
a madness, a senseless surrender
logic, reason, kowtowing to emotion
ceding to a weakness more enlightened
than primal; more human than animal
we build with our hands –
we destroy with our minds
all that we hold precious
if I had but cared for her
half as much as she cared for me
Between the emotion and the response
As intimacy goes, a little is a lot;
yet a lot is never enough
it is the way of such things
if we abandon our fears
throw caution to the wind
do we pretend that the world
does not matter, even if it does
it will take care of itself
in time, my heart will know you
as I know you
As close as we are, dare we draw nearer;
touching, feeling the oneness of everything
should not some things remain a mystery
if there is god in everything
then nothing is without god
to know nothing, and everything
their similarities, their differences
all that is virtuous, and vulgar
in time, I hope to know you
as I know my heart
Between the desire and the spasm
I wanted her more than anything;
more than anything, I wanted her to want me
to need me, to be dependent upon me
I know, that was too much to ask of her –
to ask of anyone – yes, I know that, now
love is a manifestation of ourselves
we occasionally glimpse in another
wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge
that said, all things considered
I grew wise just knowing her
When wants and needs collide, who wins;
which dull ache is the sharpest
once the basic necessities are met
other yearnings ascend from the soul
to overwhelm the heart
love is man’s persistent desire
to be more than which he is
the mind is muddled by emotion
the tears I sometimes cry
are not for her, never for me
Between the potency and the existence
Vigor is often attributed to youth;
yet, in truth, it never wanes
at least, not in the mind
the mind, like the universe
is always expanding – bending, curving
rushing outward, yet folding inward
until its final moment of collapse
perhaps I am being selfish; smug
to want things I cannot have;
to have things I no longer want
To live in the present, one must be present;
not lost, somewhere in the past
clinging to false hope, empty promise
when the outcome is a foregone conclusion
even an optimist turns pessimistic
life is fraught with possibilities, at least
until the brain fires its final synapse
perhaps I am being vague; nebulous
when I say, I trust you;
I trust you will infer what I mean
Between the essence and the descent
Where does equivocation end; the truth –
if there is such a thing - begin
somewhere in that labyrinth that is the mind
shadows clump, bumping into one another
stumbling in the twilight, in search of insight
I lost sight of my quintessence - the light,
the illumination, than shines in each of us
and then, one day, you smiled at me
O, pliant, yet irrelevant heart
always bent, on the verge of being broken
Having found the sole weakness in my defenses –
you have overrun my thoughts, my mind
laying siege to my soul, my castle keep
whether a breakthrough, or merely capitulation
on my part, I can no longer thwart your advances
I will accept your terms, conditional
or otherwise
I am at your mercy
O, brave, yet redundant heart
such audacity, such capacity, to love.

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