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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:

on losing you

i think i thought i knew you
your lips like rosebuds
and curious eyes.
you called me simone
and danced to my melody.
you moulded your curves
to fit around mine,
held my hand
and smiled.
somewhere along the
way i lost you
to blue skies
and red lips
(lips like rosebuds),
your sweetness swallowed
that three year itch had
settled between your heavy brows,
and festered.
your curves are colder now,
tragedy rains in your sky.
a blonde-haired boy who laughed
one summer.
we could have fixed you
but someday never comes.

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