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Random Poem:

Tattered Wings

Softly I sat upon the edge of something all too deep
I could feel your love circulating through my very veins
You told me it was your heart that I could keep
No more was it that I felt loneliness’ pains
No words could comprehend what I felt inside
It didn’t matter how far away you were from me
It was by your love that I would now abide
This was true love, or so it seemed to be
You gave me wings with which I used to fly
The love I had for you was the wind that I used to soar
I could feel your arms around me as time passed us by
I wanted to be by your side forever and more
Your kind smile and compassion made me feel so warmed
I felt my love for you increase each and every day
It was for you that my heart and soul reformed
I never knew what it was that I couldn’t in words, say
You took away my pains from the past that seemed all too much to bare
I felt my old wounds and scars being healed by your soft touch
Then I knew it was you and only you, it was our lives that I wanted us to share
I wondered if it was possible to care for one single person so very much
Then one day everything I held dear shattered
Your angry words hit into me like a glass shard
Suddenly not all too much mattered
I had started falling completely and all too hard
I could feel my wings getting torn apart before me
My mind was racing with all my memories of you
It wasn’t you, but this endless darkness that I then could see
Right through my heart was where a cold wind blew
Slowly and softly snow was falling to the ground
You were sitting right next to me by my side
I whimpered as you gradually walked on by, like I made no sound
You didn’t even look back or miss a stride
I couldn’t even raise my voice to say how much my heart hurt
It was as if our love got carried away like dust in a gentle breeze
From the ground was where I wouldn’t let my eyes avert
It seemed that you were able to leave me behind with ease
The feathers from my wings layed tattered and strewn upon the floor
No longer white or pure, they scattered about in the silence
I could feel the blood from my open wounds on me, at peace no more
Seems I was fighting death now with utter defiance
Without your love, and without a soul, I remember you, and there is only pain
I am now heading for the clouds high up above in the sky
Tears pour from my eyes endlessly, harder than torrential rain
It is upon tattered wings that I now fly...

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