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Random Poem:

Abigail's Wedding

I’ve never loved a girl before
as I loved gentle Abigail.
We would sit on a dreary beach
with fatigued feet resting on shale.
The endless days were beautiful
as we reclined and dreamed a while.
My lips would talk of fantasies
but my eyes stayed upon her smile.
Abigail told me our wedding
should be somewhere completely mad.
Wing walking, underwater or
beside a dried up lake in Chad.
We planned the whole ceremony
until the dull weather turned cool.
Yes, it would be someplace crazy-
we would have it at my old school.
And what about having a pet?
We knew one was all we could take.
She said cat but I argued dog.
So we settled for a large snake.
A concern flitted through her thoughts-
would the children have eyes bright blue?
I said it was not likely but
“they’ll have the stunning brown of you.”
She gave me back all my lost hope
and I felt she was heaven’s send.
Our wishes would not be realised
but is it not nice to pretend?
I had not known Abigail long
yet I could do nothing but pray
during the heart-wrenching night that
I was told she had passed away.
I joined her years after that time.
For me, her loving family cried;
consented to have me buried
and wed, forever by her side.
We had planned a life together
whilst our toes were kissed by sea foam.
We had planned a life far too late.
We had met at the old folk’s home.

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