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Random Poem:

Mad Political Scientist

Am I evil?
That is the question,
I believe in a country
That ignores moral judgment
In its leaders as to
Ascertain some who
Can do their damn job.
I believe in slavery,
Not everyone was built with
An internal sense of
Caring for themselves.
I think that people
Who have nothing
To offer society
Should be offered
Nothing back.
I believe that life begins
When you have the power
To impact the world.
So I not only believe in abortion,
However killing babies
And small children is practicable.
I do not believe that all life is precious,
On the other hand very little of it is.
Most life is without value and
Should be terminated when it
No longer serves a purpose.
I am not concerned with the elderly,
They have nothing left to offer to society
Except for their senile dribble called wisdom.
If they wanted to die, they should be encouraged
To do so as soon as physically possible.
Not only should we keep the death penalty
We should expand it to encompass all types
Fun stuff; murder, drunk driving, rape and
Driving to slow.
I have no sympathy for handicapped,
Affirmative Action does it for me.
Just the same as all minorities…
Affirmative Action feels sorry for them
So I don’t have to.
The rich should not be taxed any higher than they are,
Why should they be punished for
Being more successful than us?
I believe that their should be
Standardized testing to be a parent.
If you fail, your child is either
Given to someone else or in the case of
No one wanting your retard tainted child
It will be euthanized.
I am a bastard and an elitist
But am I evil,
I call for progression…
But is that tyranny?

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