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Random Poem:

Ghosts of Rilke

Ghosts of Rilke
My companion knew that method,
(products all having character
which slowly silences the mass loneliness)
“These hearts aren’t machines anymore.
They can silently become the next generation.”
When a heartbroken star steps into silence
Three women will sluggishly die
And give a town of brewing mouths
full rancid gossip.
Outside, snow. Inside, laughing
through immense plastic industrial corridors
while drifts blanket sound in.
When I grow old
I’ll abandon my orchards,
Fire tongues fill with gray ash
until falling won’t still bring death,
But begin our walking
toward unknowable noises together.
I’m pressed thin to where
scarce on faith,
on time,
no inheritors are fleeing.
These infinite waters, growing…
I am to break but forgot
the judgments I’ve read.
Ashen poverty, street faces
You despise me.
One boy, chocolate brown eyes-
he wants, steals figs, fruit juices.
You discovered his song was your own.
It reaches your cancer,
one hundred years and alone,
and remains through mad thoughts
rivers in night
We want what long trials and
rivers and years (more lifetimes)
don’t give- groping, grasping
because under something
we sometimes find
subtlety as it growls.
Her wrinkled hands breathe life,
blow dust away, laughing at death’s
tall skinny framework.
The years are passing.
A yearling grows with
what happens through lifetimes,
yet hopelessly starving,
thinned old books of nature’s hand.
Squaw makes the herd run
away that once fell
beneath rising and castle like mountains
Morning’s light.
We saw images of things she loved with ease
and wants to love still
and she began to die.

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