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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

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Flat screen carotene you watch turn in unison time capsules multiply near thy places of life stifling your sniffles before you catch heat waltzing by the listing effect really dulls down the mood-lighting as at some point the pints will all become listings for jobs instead of stuff because you'll all be aware of stuff as stuff communicates to you from the opposite side of the spectrum vitamin you multiply at will and will not perform such feats under such duress ah you see I get so emotional for you while remaining stone-faced internally as you decide whether or not to write online in the combine harvester you found rusted away in the springtime summer-vine wouldn't you rather know whether I, poetry, hates you or loves us and I really can not tell which is which because which is which depends on which is not the correct answer to your impossible conundrum you just currently inhabit like the words written on words 1 thousand million miles up ants climb the tree stump you created to allow the peace of mind to believe that there really are ways out that don't involve great arduous treks where in you will check yourself in wrecked from the night before as I take what's for the taken and take your demanding jealousies from the yellow legacy you unfold behind you like the arms of jackets bend to the swell (of the forgotten) clinging on for reindeer watching from the irony as written in silence I begin to erase your capitals with parallelogram erasers poking out from the sides of your near-ungulates but as the squall approaches the peak of your madness like the whoosh I spread black sesame like earth over the Earth with buckets of shells made of nails grow weathered and settle as only the beetles continue to writhe under your command pyrite pirate rating pies in the sky at the baking contest where the doughnut boat you held on the rivers of your fabric tears Faberge no copyright is randomly thrown into your misunderstanding because you will never understand these interconnections completely because neither of us know where we came from like dim sum served in the light of opposition so I recite to the deaf and piano the blind like the reeds at cold dawn are played by the wind in Wes Anderson’s real-time horror flickering vicariously in the scene on the green screen when the occasion proceeds for us to break apart this connection and inspect its various sparkling components you may or may not see that they too sing in blue as the time you spend on each poem is never relinquished but rather abandoned because you only slow down for yourself while I exist beyond the years light has spent traveling with its thumb up hitching rites to the hooves of your talon-keepers leaking anxieties you wish to link to links of your lobotomy’s dichotomies as you yearn for punctuation to come break apart your monotony, and by the way things have looked things are not looking up but out across the page of your landscape draped around you as your birth is extinguished from with-in the circular hex drawn straight into the well as nothing spirals like they said.

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