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"Poem 4 My Friendz"

"Poem 4 My Friendz"
Friends are there for you when you are down
They are the helping hand when they cant stand
to see you frown I have some friends….
I wish to tell you about
They’re everything and more..
just read my poem and hear me out
Let me start off with Keese.
He was so sweet, kind,
and loving plus he treated me well.
I couldn’t help but notice when I tripped and fell.
The first time I saw those green eyes of his
I couldn’t stop.
He got that flow to him, that put him on top.
He’ s not here with me any longer but I know
That he’ll always be my homeboy 4~eva and 4~Sho.
Whoa…There’s also Ronald.
Don’t worry he doesn’t have a nose
like Ronald McDonald.
He’s the quiet type, shy and very polite.
We used to laugh,
joke and sometimes I’d even call him a DIKE.
I don’t know where he’s gone ..
Now we cant talk like we did every night.
Where ever he is I wish him a Happy Life.
If I didn’t write about Corbin he’d get mad
Dude! Im telling you he’s totally RAD!
We rhyme til we just cant stop
To me he symbolizes hip hop .
He’s got mad Talent…baby need to sign on with the R O C
But more on I admire him cuz of his personality
Can never forget about my Girl Kina
She’s a special one….
we met out of nowhere
and what a relationship we had begun!
Believe me, she’s hilarious, crazy,
and just plain fun.
The times I feel sad and mad no doubt she’s always there
It’s amazing how I sometimes feel
she’s the only one who truly cares.
I don’t know what I’d do without my girl
I mean It….She’s a big part of my world.
I hope there’s more to come.
When You Find True Friends
Keeping Them

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