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Random Poem:

What I See

What I See
Somehow, you got through my barriers
and made me love you
I look back sometimes at night
when sleep won’t come
and try to find the chink in my armor
that let you in
but all I see
are pictures of us
laying on the hood of the car,
holding hands, watching meteor showers
us on the couch, me in front of you
watching movies all might long
you holding our first child and the love
and awe on your face
I blink and the pictures change
to you pushing me all the way around the lake in my wheelchair
as careful with me as you were with our babies
you holding me, letting me cry
even when neither of us knows why I’m crying
us watching the first sunsets in our new house
in our new lives on OUR property
sometimes when the house is very still,
I see what hasn’t happened just yet
you holding our first grandchild and the love
and awe on your face
you walking our daughter down the aisle to her new life
and the love, hope and sadness on your face
you choking up when it’s time to
“Give her away”
and you looking on as they lay me to rest
and the pain and loneliness on your face
and the gratitude too and I hear you say
“Now she’ll never have to hurt again”
But honey, you’re wrong
I’ll hurt till you’re with me again.
DLB 8/9/05 ©

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