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re: Wikipedia says it out loud  unknown  7 Sep 08 8:03AM Thread Closed

Well Reid old chap, there is a lot of truth in what you say.

However, The United Kingdom has no less than forty dialects apart from the cringe and eye watering dialect of East Ender’s.

One can normally tell within a few miles as to where a person was born and bred just by how they talk, or even as to which type of education they received.

Numerous Education Authorities over the past fifty years tried their utmost to eradicate regional dialects, with little or no success. The English language is all the richer for it; it is after all our language.
American English belongs to Americans such as it is, let them slur their way through it; just do not seek to complain if the rest of the English speaking world ridicules them.

I found the standard of English on the North East coast of America exceptionally high.

North East English is extremely close to Frisian


re: Wikipedia says it out loud  netskyIam  7 Sep 08 8:11AM Thread Closed

The USA is rapidly losing its regional dialects.  I think we all are the poorer for it,
but for a physically large country, mutual understanding of the spoken word does help homogenize and does make for a democratic =feel= to things.

I hope the English never modernize, lose the Higgins and the Doolittles.
They have done so much to make the language interesting and, sometimes, mellifluous.

Texas twangs and Georgia drawls are not my cup of tea, but at least we ALL can understand them.

Myself: I'm as "Deep South" as it gets here (Miami).  But there is no Southern accent to be heard here anymore.   All the former crackers are gone.   We speak, if natives, like....Henry Higgins could not possibly place my origin within the USA.  He'd only know I'm not from slavers' stocks.

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  trochee  7 Sep 08 4:17PM Thread Closed

i think most nations are losing their charm and culture all due to globalization. Only the most conservative of countries have been able to hold on to their respectful language. Even we suffer the Hinglish syndrome that hits us every now and then.

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  larrylark  9 Sep 08 9:16AM Thread Closed

George Bush is a product of us all

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  netskyIam  9 Sep 08 9:40AM Thread Closed

I somehow missed even reading this until just now.  Apologies are owed to:


raskolniikov 7 Sep 08 7:39AM


Come off it! East Enders is hardly hard to follow. It's based in London and if you can't understand Londoners then you are going to have a hard time understanding anyone else here. Maybe a few of the northern soaps may be hard for you, but East Enders?

REPLY:   It's not easy for me to follow all the time.  My lover simply can't understand  a word of it.  You know why?  We have not been brought up on the accent/s.   Practice and familiarity would make it all clear enough.
OTOH, you all over there have been fed various American accents for all your lives.
You're much better equipped to understand even the most distorted southern American dialects than we are to understand any but the most posh British accents.
Wonderful that in the face of constantly hearing "American", you've kept your speaking voices, all of them, intact.

When I lived in America,I couldn't stand southern drawl. Now I love it.  I guess tastes change but I have always never been keen on the nasal tone of the NE.

REPLY:  I too long disdained southern drawls.  Sound stupid, speak southern.  It's all  a mask preventing us from empathizing with those who don't meet our vocal expectations.  You know that, of course.  In latter years, I've come to enjoy and appreciate the southern Americans' ways of speech.  The better of them are more gentile by far, even the humble ones, than standard American English.

West Virginian is very hard for me as well.

REPLY:  ditto.

May I ask you what part of Wales is your ancestory from? I am from Cardiff.

REPLY:  In '83 I took a coach tour of Britain, two weeks guided, with a lot of older people (I was young and prime then and full of excitement).   In the Lake District, overnight, a bed and board place, I excitedly inquired of the hosts:  "Tell me about my surname?  I don't really know my family history."

"Welch? Why, that's not Welsh. THAT is an English name!"
I reddened and realized they were right.   Perhaps there was a Welshman in my family's distant past, but an immigrant he was.   WELCH is an English name.
My paternal grandparents were both of "pure" English stock.   Brown, Welch, Wolfe.

I'm not Welsh but I wish I were.   I like the history.  I like the voices and the people there.

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  netskyIam  9 Sep 08 9:47AM Thread Closed

Oh, so as to my ancestry, the little of it that I know:

Paternal side:  all English
Maternal side:  one grandparent was of pure Irish immigrant stock, first born generation.
The grandfather was of pure German stock, first born generation.  His parents were married in Germany and came here about 1880.   The grandmother's father was born in Georgia in 1861, son of what were probably, escapees of the potato famine of a decade earlier, my guess, that.  Kiley.

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  netskyIam  9 Sep 08 9:49AM Thread Closed

I have one keepsake, one tangible, one proof of the German great grandfather....

let me find or make an image of the two facing pages of that young master baker's cook book:

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  unknown  9 Sep 08 9:55AM Thread Closed

marzipan's private

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  netskyIam  9 Sep 08 10:04AM Thread Closed

^ ^
OK.  Found the relevant images.  
He was only about 20 years of age.  Imagine the reality?

Succinct slide show for my PC friends


Everyone is a poem of hope

re: Wikipedia says it out loud  unknown  9 Sep 08 8:14PM Thread Closed

  my gawd thouht isa neva gona gree wit netski

  but isa shu gelad isa merican.  

in all seriousness - i agree with you netsky- hate to admit it- but i do. You can
not judge a person by their accent and the english snobbery of certain people
shows intolerance which will do them no good at any time in this life. Furthermore
nebraska is not nasal- no it is from all the corn dust in their noses!

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