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PC Birthdays?  FangzOfFire  21 Oct 08 8:02PM Thread Closed

Alright, you bunch of steamy, cranky, smelly old people: When's your birthday? Which astrological signs do we have up in da house?
Mine was today, hence why I ask. (FYI, I turned one million.) It'd be kind of interesting to see which astrological sign is most prevalent, too.

re: PC Birthdays?  1994  21 Oct 08 8:03PM Thread Closed

june the fifth
gemini ;)

happy day of yours.

re: PC Birthdays?  unknown  21 Oct 08 8:08PM Thread Closed

happy birthday, fangz!:)

re: PC Birthdays?  AlchemiA  21 Oct 08 8:12PM Thread Closed

Many Happy Returns FangZ -- I've a Sun at 29 Degrees 54 Minutes of Gemini ( Pluto opposite right now ) born June 21st during Total Solar Eclipse

re: PC Birthdays?  netskyIam  21 Oct 08 9:14PM Thread Closed

BC Greetz to Million Year Old Fanz!

I'm a Gemini, late may I live.  I'll be 55 next return.

Until then:  all squirm.

Illness may yet (if we pray, or use force)

Silence the net sky jerk right from our course.


Speaking in rhyme is a terrible sin;

You just know I've been reiding

Ruthless Rhyme sagain.

b'day present for Special K.

Reid, cos he thoth you might like it.

re: PC Birthdays?  netskyIam  21 Oct 08 9:19PM Thread Closed

> june the fifth
> gemini ;)
> happy day of yours.

AH HA!  I now have all I need.
I know your real name and date of birth;
it's all I need to commit Identity Theft.

Yes, tomorrow I will start the estrogen therapy,
then boob implants (your cup size, please).
And blond is my hair when it grows out in yellow.

And my penis will be inverted, made mellow.
and then I will adopt by force of sheer will
your style of poem writing, by text, with a quill.

I'll be seventeen again! And a girl baritone!

Won't that be exciting for you?  You're gonna have a twin sister, sister!


We are amusing ourselves well to-night


re: PC Birthdays?  OKcomputer  22 Oct 08 12:36AM Thread Closed

Fangz, I too am a Libra. October 8th, I turned 2.1

re: PC Birthdays?  OKcomputer  22 Oct 08 12:37AM Thread Closed

and happy bird day!

re: PC Birthdays?  netskyIam  22 Oct 08 1:44AM Thread Closed

next year I plan to remember to spell fangz with the g that I always forget.
If I fail to deliver, you have permission to bite off my face.

am a'feared of that girl; I am and always have  been,


re: PC Birthdays?  unknown  22 Oct 08 6:28AM Thread Closed


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