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Happy Birthday, Sam!  Isabelle5  21 Mar 11 6:29AM Thread Closed

Hello to another Canadian poetess.  You were my first Canadian friend/poet and I miss you here.

Cheers to another year, Lady.


re: Happy Birthday, Sam!  trochee  21 Mar 11 7:38AM Thread Closed

Happy Birthday Sam ;-)

re: Happy Birthday, Sam!  mandolyn  21 Mar 11 8:36AM Thread Closed

Happy b-day sam (whoever you are)
I know you are greatly missed and loved here.

re: Happy Birthday, Sam!  frog  21 Mar 11 8:58AM Thread Closed

Happy Birthday Sam.

Could you please stay away from Mrs Frog.

Thank you x

re: Happy Birthday, Sam!  starr  21 Mar 11 12:13PM Thread Closed

Happy Birthday, Sam I Am!  Do you like green eggs and ham?  I love you too!  xo

re: Happy Birthday, Sam!  unknown  21 Mar 11 12:19PM Thread Closed

and for *****************************
Pigeon Pie!

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