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Happy birthday Jenaka!  sybarite  29 Jul 11 8:49AM Thread Closed

Hope your day is filled with love and laughter and cake.  Lots and lots of cake!


re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  jharrison  29 Jul 11 9:48AM Thread Closed


Have fun, Jen, and Happy Birthday! :)

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  Isabelle5  29 Jul 11 9:51AM Thread Closed

Oh, splat on me, I forgot!  Are you making your own wonderful cake?  If so, post pics on Facebook so we can enjoy a piece vicariously.

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  jenakajoffer  29 Jul 11 11:56AM Thread Closed

Thanks ladies!!

I think this year I will go out for cake.  xoxox!

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  Isabelle5  29 Jul 11 12:09PM Thread Closed

Maybe this year you should attend a class with Wittgenstub, she seems to think that we women here could use her to rescue us from ourselves.

I am not inviting her/him to our cleansing fire!

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  unknown  29 Jul 11 12:10PM Thread Closed

how about you have a tupperware party instead and you each take turns putting it in the microwave.

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  unknown  29 Jul 11 12:27PM Thread Closed

Well Happy Birthday Jenaka. I truly Hope You Get Exactly What You Deserve For Your Birthday.

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  jenakajoffer  29 Jul 11 12:35PM Thread Closed

thanks, haha..

well i dont know this wittenstub type persona, i don't need rescuing though my poetry may suggest otherwise...

i would like to camp tonight with fire and cake and stuff...i'll see who i can round up..i was supposed to be back home in BC this weekend but my phone bill while i was in the UK ended up taking all my money :(  i was going to knock down sybarella's door, hehe.

thanks for the nice wishes, i do'nt mine tupperware parties as long as there is good food and beer.

unk, i got everything i deserved, and more, :)

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  mr_e  29 Jul 11 1:03PM Thread Closed

happy birthday :)

re: Happy birthday Jenaka!  jpmhawk  29 Jul 11 1:08PM Thread Closed

Happy birthday Jen!!! Virtual cheers! (I'm actually cracking a Pabst)

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