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foreign movies  unknown  6 Oct 11 10:22PM Thread Closed

List of ya recommended foreign movies plz

Wateva is foreign to u


re: foreign movies  unknown  6 Oct 11 10:23PM Thread Closed

Maria full of mace
I mean


re: foreign movies  Intervention  7 Oct 11 5:18AM Thread Closed

Fighter in the wind - Korean Movie
Public Enemy- Korean Movie
Pot Luck- French
Zorro....if that counts ; )

re: foreign movies  mandolyn  7 Oct 11 9:38AM Thread Closed

nacho libre

(that's foreign...)

re: foreign movies  Ananke  7 Oct 11 11:04AM Thread Closed

Wings of Desire

re: foreign movies  Cerulise  8 Oct 11 11:09AM Thread Closed

Drunken Master: 8 Drunken Gods, chinese.
Yojinbo, japanese.
Hausu, japanese.

re: foreign movies  unknown  8 Oct 11 2:02PM Thread Closed

You like Yojimbo! Yes, very good Akira Kurosawa film from old days. You like 七人の侍 The Seven Samurai?
Hausu is a funny spook film. Also good fun.

You have watched many Japanese films?

re: foreign movies  unknown  8 Oct 11 2:05PM Thread Closed

Do you like the actress Meiko Kaji? Lady Snowblood!

re: foreign movies  DeformedLion  9 Oct 11 8:24PM Thread Closed

Before Sunset

re: foreign movies  Isabelle5  10 Oct 11 7:00AM Thread Closed


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