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Dating women five or ten years younger  Intervention  14 Jun 12 9:07AM Thread Closed

   I find that in a lot of ways that it really is true to what they say ya know...women DO mature a hell of a lot faster than Id say 99.9% of all men out there...lol.

   When I was in High School, I would find ways and stupidass gimmicks to somehow land me that girl who I really digged and fancied ya know..and avoid those 7th and 8th grade next door neighbors who tends to smile and give me those flirtatious grins after driving home from school...I just thought they were not a good egotistical boost for my ego ya know..I wanted to land a gal that was more of my age range at that time...samething when I was in College..I felt like Ashton Kutcher being chased by many 17 year olds and..still going after my clueless idea that girls my own age were a lot more mature and would lead to a better relationship..and of course I was aware of the legal limits of those I can date lol lol .

   Now that I am nearing my "Prime years"..I find that women who are in their early 20s to even age 19..are not that much different to the "mature" women I've dated in the past...there just a lot more free, less baggage and keeps me..how do you say it?...ACTIVE.....lmao.

   ; D

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Intervention  14 Jun 12 9:12AM Thread Closed

I should have called this Title.." Dating Fun Girls five or SEVEN" years younger..lol lol..I was thinking of the fact that I'm almost nearing my 30s and I would not mind at all if the girl was 20 plain and mature...yet had the enthusiasm and passion for Life that a lot of my platonic lady friends in their 30s that seemed to have lost it....you can just tell from their vibe and how they carry themselves ya know...

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Isabelle5  14 Jun 12 11:16AM Thread Closed

Some of them lose their vibe because of men like you, who are party boys without life goals and who want to use up as many women as they can, especially the young and hot and stupid ones.

Just my opinion, Intervention.  When you post things here, you have to expect some honesty.  Older women get tired of the crap they have to take while wading through the frogs to find their prince.  Perhaps the women you choose are not the problem, perhaps the problem is you.  

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Isabelle5  14 Jun 12 11:18AM Thread Closed

By the way, I am not setting myself up as an example of choosing a mature person, as my sweetheart of 12 years is 22 years younger than I am.  I finally just gave up trying to find a prince and settled for someone who is not 100% available, who is flawed, as I am, but who is my friend who every year respects me and values me more.

I got tired of the frogs and decided that at my age, princes who are still living are gay or boring or dating girls my daughter's age or younger.  Life is what it is.  I'm happy to live alone and decide when I want a companion.

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  starr  14 Jun 12 11:46AM Thread Closed

My other 1/2 is 18 years my junior, but the connection is still there after 7 years.  As for the frogs I've had 2 kiss 2 get to the love of a lifetime, let it suffice 2 say that the problem lied mainly within myself choosing those who would much rather get drunk, high on drugs, party party, etc...Thankfully, I never indulged in any of that crap.  I wanted the one more than the many.  And I lucked out and got someone with more than 1/2 a brain AND a college degree who doesn't like alcohol or the party scene either.  Life is good.  :-)

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Intervention  14 Jun 12 10:16PM Thread Closed

Starr, buddy I am happy to hear that..you seem like a Real Good Guy who is compassionate about people and care about more than you're own well being and would probably take a hardcore bullet for somebody you deeply..deeply..deeply..LOVE..so I'd have it no other way.

   Isabelle,  honey   .....you're welcome to join my harem if you like ; ).....its not the age I'm lookin at, it's the soulfulness of not being contaminated by whatever Life and the pandora's box or fucken Cookie Monster is throwing at you.....and not being fazed by it...it really really intrigues me like I'm sure it intrigues everyone whose got a soulful heart ya know...

     Ever gone surfing or snowboarding b4?   Its one of my favorite things I like to do with my " dates".....I LOVE to be a childlike ball of joy and imaginary yarn of fantasy...haha, should have used that for one of my poems here...but yeah, I just find that I enjoy the enthusiasm of just being in the moment and not being rushed ya know....and I find that a lot of the younger gals possessed this vibe and poof !!! weve got something in common and something to build off of...I don't take advantage of these gals, its a completely honest and open minded relationship and calll me a fucken Saint and a first timer, but I'd like to believe I left these women not scarred....but empowered, happy, joyful, enthused,and .....happy to just be themselves.......I think it would be a crime to stop what I'm currently doing for I'm spreading the message of youthful romance and passion for one's life and Life down the road....when they remember me down the road of paying mortages, sending kids to colleges and packing lunches for Robert and Susie..lol lol

     There goin to be like..." Thank you Intervention for giving me the lesson of having a Blast, making my youth memorable and showing me the path to true freedom and bliss ya know.....lol haha  : D " .

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Isabelle5  15 Jun 12 5:26AM Thread Closed

But you're going younger.  Some of the young men I've been close to have acted as if I am good enough when we are alone but an embarassment in public.  I won't do that anymore, I am good enough, in fact, too good for them, as they have shallow souls (oh, but their chests are so good to lean against!) that irritate me.  I have to cut them loose.

I am part of no one's harem, but thanks for the offer!

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  PollyReg  15 Jun 12 7:09AM Thread Closed

Issy, you lie! You are part of my harem! (dontcha know!)

It may be an imaginary one but wot the?????

Young can sometimes equal shallow - but still beautiful.

I tend to think that in terms of "sex" (and body superficial) sex-young is preferable -

But, really, always  much more intimate-hot-closer (ie having an actual point) with an intellectual compatibility. 20 year olds are not always "there". Just pretty.

To me it's not sex without a game.

28 maybe.

22 yr old  aforbing  15 Jun 12 7:41AM Thread Closed

I struggle w/this dilemna as we speak.  A young one that taunts me, excites me, turns me on.  HOWEVER--I'm old enough to be his parent.  So--I don't go anywhere with it.  The flirting is VERY fun, though.  

re: Dating women five or ten years younger  Isabelle5  15 Jun 12 9:12AM Thread Closed

First of all, I would never go anywhere with someone who calls me Issy or Izzy!  

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