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Early Nineties Music  Rossant  24 Jul 12 3:51PM Thread Closed

I just loved MTV in the early 90's, any more memories for Dance Music
Sybil - The love I lost
Rozalla  -Everybody's Free
Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer

re: Early Nineties Music  unknown  24 Jul 12 3:54PM Thread Closed

early 90's music is all about Nirvana for me


YES!  aforbing  25 Jul 12 7:08AM Thread Closed

Jesus Jones--Right Here, Right Now
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
What is Love ~Haddaway
Rico Suave

re: YES!  starr  25 Jul 12 12:48PM Thread Closed

Nice thread!  For me, it was C&C Music Factory, Mariah Carey, Johnny Gill and of course, Kate Bush's "Red Shoes."  :-)

Come on, VOGUE!  aforbing  25 Jul 12 12:53PM Thread Closed

Can't forget good ole Maj!

re: Come on, VOGUE!  starr  25 Jul 12 1:09PM Thread Closed

Madonna?  Madge?  If SO, yeah...that was her "Justify My Love" and "Erotica" songs!

re: Come on, VOGUE!  starr  25 Jul 12 1:12PM Thread Closed

I always loved her image and what she did for culture and for women, but I didn't really finally start loving her music until after "Ray of Light," 1998.  I like her more Techo stuff than her bubblegum Pop stuff.  She's also made some good ballads (album cuts) along the way like "Oh, Father" from "Like A Prayer."  :-)

re: Come on, VOGUE!  Inuki  25 Jul 12 8:51PM Thread Closed

Army of Lovers:
1991 - 1994 Crucified, Obsession, Candyman Messiah, Judgment Day, Israelism, La Plage de Saint Tropez, I Am, Lit De Parade,

Malice Mizer
1994: Memoire album

Ben Folds Five - Brick
Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree
Corona - Rhythm of the Night
La Bouche - Be My Lover
Robin S. - Show Me Love
R.E.M - Losing My Religion
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer
Annie Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass
Haddaway - What Is Love
Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
NIN - Closer
Joe Cocker - Summer in the City
Gloria Estefan - Turn the Beat Around
The Cranberries - Zombie

You'll have to excuse the randomness and incompletness of the list. Just a taste of the early 90's.

Madge, YEP!  aforbing  26 Jul 12 9:25AM Thread Closed

I got it in my head now...
   "Give it up, do as I say,
     Give it up and let me have my way.
      Give me love, I'll hit you like a truck--
       Give me love, I'll teach you how to...."  ~Erotica
I think that "Dear Jessie" and "Promise to Try" were the best 2 cuts on the "Like a Prayer" album.  Was that late 80's or was it 90's???

re: Madge, YEP!  starr  26 Jul 12 12:55PM Thread Closed

"Like A Prayer" was '89, I believe.  "Justify My Love," 1990 and "Erotica," 1992.  :-)  Like I said, I'm not too "up" on her earlier albums cuz I didn't really get into her until "Ray of Light" in 1998.  :-)

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