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Should we be worried?  Rynne  20 Sep 12 8:10PM Thread Closed

It seems like every few days this site goes down. I also notice the formatting having errors on the front page. As a precaution, I've been taking any poetry I haven't saved and making a google document for them, but maybe someone has some info about this?

re: Should we be worried?  cadmium  21 Sep 12 7:59AM Thread Closed

why worry, be happy that it's still showing up. perhaps the provider's service has been downgraded for economy's sake? or, maybe there's now a pre-filter for the mods to kill spam? -- or, maybe don's working on PC 2 by examining how and why PC looks the way it does now?

you really shouldn't use PC as your site of publication. it doesn't have the readership, isn't diverse enough in readership to work as a vanity site. you really should use the site as a dialog only between poets, to see how poets are reading your work. use it as a workshop: after the workshop, everything submitted gets shredded.

are you going to publish in hardcopy? that's the important thing with poetry: making it live beyond the ephemeral casual, making it available to anyone who happens to pick it up as an neat thing, and then maybe gets into it as poetry the way you want them to get into it. blogging doesn't do that... people drop out, go off-line, get sick of blogging. blogging's got a shelf-life of 3 months. you publish your work on paper, it's around somewhere till the end of paper.

re: Should we be worried?  unknown  21 Sep 12 1:13PM Thread Closed

Well, someday, when I feel like I have something finished enough to publish, then yes. But mostly I just wanted to know if anyone knew what was happening with the site. It sort of seems like a machine breaking down right now. I'm afraid that one day I'll come to visit and it won't be online anymore.


re: Should we be worried?  cadmium  21 Sep 12 3:50PM Thread Closed

try to conceptualize the problem from several levels: first, don's idea of what the site is; then, our idea of what the site is for us; then, the reality of how the site's functioning. it may be that don just dropped down to a lower level of service -- like, having to wait in a longer queue, for instance, to save money.

it's not always because we did something.

if you're worried that the site is going, start taking the chance of posting your most brilliant thoughts and poems. if they turn out to be kind of shallow or embarrassing, at least they'll be gone when the site goes down. use the site as a dialog into the head of other poets: ask yourself why you're posting here at all and look for the positive.

re: Should we be worried?  unknown  22 Sep 12 8:57AM Thread Closed

Wow. I just asked a polite and simple question. I've been posting my poetry quietly here for  8 years, because I enjoy the site. When I decide to publish my work is a personal matter, and my future isn't in poetry anyway. It's a hobby.

I was simply concerned about the integrity of the site's functioning. The integrity of the boards I have long since understood to be rotten, which is why I very rarely post in here any more. But, I suppose my question is answered. So thanks.


re: Should we be worried?  cadmium  22 Sep 12 9:41AM Thread Closed

what's rotten is that you're not conceptually thinking of something which would help make the site better. you're complaining that the service isn't good at your poetry motel anymore.

use the site as a workshop for helping other writers, not for posting your little hallmarks, and you'll start growing as a person.

re: Should we be worried?  Rynne  22 Sep 12 9:47AM Thread Closed

Ugh. I'm just going to walk away now.

re: Should we be worried?  cadmium  22 Sep 12 11:22AM Thread Closed

you have to take responsibility for being here, for sharing your work and your ideas with other writers. why else would you post your poetry in a workshop?

we're all unique, but i think it takes some people a really long time to become your own person. expressing your conflicts out in writing is the way to become strong enough to write at all: it takes practice, and talking with other writers to find out why you wrote a poem at all takes practice to.

'ugh' is not particularly poetic. should i worry that you'll never give me a critique on one of my poems?

re: Should we be worried?  starr  22 Sep 12 12:01PM Thread Closed

I wouldn't be too worried.  What I think is happening is that the site owner has been missing in action for a long time, but once he gets an email saying that he needs 2 pay a certain amount for the site to be "hosted," we'll hear from him (again) when it's "make a donation" time.  In the meantime, just browse and post and have fun.  :-)

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