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kiva  raskolniikov  13 May 13 2:40PM Thread Closed

for those that wish to help:


re: kiva  jenn  13 May 13 2:45PM Thread Closed

that is one of the best sites i've ever seen, rask, thanks :)

www.avaaz.org and www.38degrees.org.uk are also great campaign / pressure group sites that deal with global political, social and humanitarian issues.

i recommend them also.

re: kiva  jenn  13 May 13 2:46PM Thread Closed

i should have said 'global and local' ... etc ... :)

re: kiva  plath  13 May 13 3:47PM Thread Closed

Thank you, Jenn.  And Raskollnikov, thank you for posting this very informative thread.  We appreciate it.  :)

re: kiva  jenn  13 May 13 3:48PM Thread Closed

You see that way the desire and thought to close the thread remains ours, and is our choice, and not due to the cyber bullying and virtual violence of the anonymous troll.

We make our own choices based nothing more than our own desire. :)

re: kiva  plath  13 May 13 3:49PM Thread Closed


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