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Kiva 2 (The Sequel)  Madison  14 May 13 3:07PM Thread Closed

I am sorry to open another message board thread but I could not add to the other one posted yesterday because it is closed. )-: I wanted to say Kudos to Raskolnikov for providing the link to that awesome site. I signed up tonight. I wanna ask which borrower(s) he lends to and if anyone else here has signed up and who they are helping?


re: Kiva 2 (The Sequel)  raskolniikov  14 May 13 3:36PM Thread Closed


you are welcome. if you would like to email me, (on my profile page) i will let you know. i would rather not disclose that here if that is okay with you.

re: Kiva 2 (The Sequel)  jenn  14 May 13 4:36PM Thread Closed

i feel the same way, rask. though i have seen 1 person i am definitely going to help.

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