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poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 11:39AM Thread Closed

you know why i come to this site? because there are some god damn good writers here. this is my opinion, nothing more. but as such, it gives me the motivation to come back again and again

so i do. i read some fantastic stuff, and some boring stuff, and it keeps me entertained. i fucking love poetry and the way that it has evolved over time. i think it still has a place in the world and that most people probably enjoy reading it more than they realize.

and i write some of my own. my audience is small, but they have come to expect it and let me know that they appreciate it. makes me feel good. you know the feeling, right?

before i share my writings elsewhere, i post them here. not really sure why though, as i don't get a whole lot of constructive criticism. but i get it- i don't contribute a whole lot, why should others spend their time picking apart my writings?

when i read something i like, i vote it up and i comment something to voice myself along with the vote- if i dislike something, i may or may not vote, and i sometimes voice a negative thought... sometimes even anonymously. it's rather easy to say whats on your mind if you're anonymous, wouldn't you agree?

what i'm getting at is this: lately, i've been trying my hand at a story thats been developing in my mind for some time now... i guess you'd call it a short story... i've been posting bits here and there- if its boring, its boring and i want to know. if it keeps your attention, and the reader wants to know what happens next, i want to know that to. BUT! this is a poetry site! POETRY! not shortstorycritical.net....

but i LIKE it here. of all the good writers i frequent myself with, its the people HERE. it's YOUR opinions and YOUR attention that i need for this.

so, is it okay with the community if i share my writings here?

if not, thats okay! i'll stick to the poetry. but i'd rather respect the communities wishes than just flood the site with something inappropriate. i ask because "the community" (you know who you are) has been here for some time- much longer than i've been around. i only found this site when the 'Your Poetry' message board on Sparknotes was shut down.

again- i like this place. i've grown quite fond of a number of writers here and always look forward to what comes next. many of you humble me and your writings are so insanely good, that i feel quite inadequate as a poet myself- that isn't to self deprecate- it's the truth. thank you for (existing)

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  raskolniikov  12 Jul 13 12:17PM Thread Closed

rules are meant to be broken.

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 12:26PM Thread Closed


now here is a writer that i admire

right now i feel like that "one guy" at the local metal show that approaches the band after to tell them that they changed his life with the power of their music alone

(that's literally happened, but besides the point)

i don't know if i would agree that rules are *meant* to be broken, per se, but i think they definitely *can* be broken. like me, i love breaking rules. i often feel as if i were meant to break rules.... but then again, does anything have meaning?

only that which we give it. right?

maybe not. i dunno. people tell me i think too much.

so i'll take your comment as "post what you want"... but you, my friend, are only one slice of the pie. a god damn good slice, but single nonetheless. i appreciate your voice. if the community would rather save this site for Poetry as opposed to Short Stories, i should respect that.

by the way- does anyone know of any other writing forums? specifically good ones that might focus on short stories? googling these things is so ...tedious...

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 12:42PM Thread Closed

unknown- ah anonymity ... the fantastic thing about rubbish is that you don't have to click it

and to the other end of the spectrum, as you have no identity, i do not have to devote any energy to your opinions... as they are meaningless

either way, thanks for commenting.

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 12:46PM Thread Closed

unknown- oh i quite agree with you that this is a *critical *poetry site. i'm okay with the critical, up to and including your critical analysis of my post

i, like most people, probably do have that problem of hearing what i want to hear- yet i do actually want to hear the negative. more so than most people

i actually enjoy it. my opinion of other poets is absolutely irrelevant! and i do not necessarily strive to be recognized as a poet.

i am here because i like. even the trolls. even the negative. all of it. honestly, this is my favorite place in the internet

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 2:05PM Thread Closed

i am rather curious- what is the problem?

Messrs' plath?

i see the user plath all over the site, just as i see everyone else all over the site.

i agree that if you should praise a site, you shouldn't ignore its deficiencies. absolutely. that said, i would argue that we maybe see deficiencies differently and as such, hold different opinions about what is good or bad writing.

i have no problem with anyone telling me that my writing is shitty, boring, or makes them want to vomit- i have definitely been told worse things by better people. so criticism is welcome.

and i am not afraid to tell someone that i like or dislike their writing. we shouldn't be afraid to. i like criticizing and i like being criticized- that one way of improving.

so what is this ongoing struggle between 'plath' and 'troll'? are they one and the same?

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 2:08PM Thread Closed


why did you suspend the posts? the words from this anonymous 'whoever' are, in my opinion, merely words. hell, if they aren't bot spam, why remove them?

can you un suspend?

if you can, i implore that you do

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  plath  12 Jul 13 2:11PM Thread Closed

So sayeth the anonymous moderator hater who must constantly slam the site which they cannot stand yet return to frequent?  

The only person here who ever took issue with the name of the site containing the word "critical" within it would be a member who has/had six or seven usernames (We will not mention any proper name.) and who really SHOULD move on and go to another site where "critical" caters to his very need for what a Poetry site consists of:  the "critical" aspect.  

Otherwise, no one here really cares about your bollocks.  This is not YOUR site, nor will its name be changed anytime soon.  If you would like the site's name changed, then take it up with the site owner and not the moderators whom you feel you have the right to insult and qustion their intelligence on a steady basis.  Personally, we would much prefer your absence over your anonymous, antagonistic presence (less to have to delete for US.)      

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 2:22PM Thread Closed

this site is most definitely not the property of any of its users! but it still exists because people choose to use it, no?

who cares if some anonymous asshat constantly slams the site? i get it that there is probably a point at which it can't be ignored, as it is too much... but trolls are gonna troll, right?

and why are you protecting the anonymity of this user with six or seven user names?

we're all in this together. even the fuckin' troll. at least thats my opinion. i'm just glad the site is here, that people still post poetry, and that even more so- people criticize other peoples writing. thats the point! right?

re: poems, short stories, and the community at large:  dvdsxr  12 Jul 13 2:27PM Thread Closed

argh i said "right?" 4 too many times.

here is what i want to know- who i am dealing with.
all users aside
who is moderating this forum?
what are the known usernames for the troll?
and am i just wasting my time here because you're going to just keep trolling and moderating and suspending comments and etc etc?

its almost like someone is just arguing with themselves. for fun.

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