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re: hermes trismegistus  plath  31 Jul 13 12:18PM Thread Closed

What part of "post poetry for discussion and critique in the poetry forum" do you not understand?  The message board is reserved for sharing correspondences between users.  Thank you.

re: hermes trismegistus  plath  31 Jul 13 12:19PM Thread Closed

Again, you are posting as an unknown with a rudeness issue, therefore your thoughts and opinions of this site do not count.  

re: hermes trismegistus  plath  31 Jul 13 12:29PM Thread Closed

Quite frankly, we are the ones who sadly must clean up all your smatter.  Let us not forget the usefulness of our "delete" button.  Next.

re: hermes trismegistus  plath  31 Jul 13 12:35PM Thread Closed

In that case, consider this thread closed.  You may wish to register an account so you do not have to contribute so to your own banal existence in this creative space.  :)

re: hermes trismegistus  plath  31 Jul 13 12:47PM Thread Closed

Plath has a saying as well.  "Get a life."  You are only wasting your time here and we would not dream of having you waste all these precious keystrokes.  Each letter counts with us.  :)

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