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re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 2:53PM Thread Closed


Alle Snakker Sant


Siri Nilsen


re: Playlist:  Cerulise  8 Sep 13 2:58PM Thread Closed

> The singers name in Mazzy Star is Hope Sandoval, and yes .. she has a
> voice perfect for that music.
> Or perhaps the music could not have existed in this form without her
> voice?

Musicians truly do have an aesthetic view for another way to enhance one's mind through hearing. That said, there's certainly some kind of 2 dimensions under a couple of frequent bell curves either dipping or rising. If you listen to some metal, and I don't recommend it if you're out of it, I bet you'd find that Gorgoroth who also came from Norway or some other Scandenavia country, sound dark as hell in the music and lyrics, professing silly, ridiculous things in satan; yet despite that, they also have some timing bits in drums and intentionally dischordal parts in sound, made in polished intentions.

Listening to things seems to be based on arching the gap between another's intent and a listener's inflection from listening.

re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 3:19PM Thread Closed

Yes, I've listened to Gorgoroth and other what might be called 'orchestral' black or death metal music, and Gorgoroth aren't bad at all.

Yes, it's overblown and inclined on the side of the ridiculously epic sound, but I'd have to say I prefer the Canadian ensemble named God Speed You! Black Emperor for my 'dark epic' moments.

Yes, I have some taste for metal, not a lot, but I can appreciate a good, well orchestrated piece of music by anyone.

I am going to coin a new genre now, and it's 'Epic Melancholia' .. and for me the Icelandic group Sigur Ros fit this perfectly.

Music that makes sadness beautiful.

re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 3:28PM Thread Closed




Godspeed You! Black Emperor


re: Playlist:  Cerulise  8 Sep 13 3:33PM Thread Closed

RIAA still pisses me off, of course; it's like, "hmm, should we give the U.S. some great music, chairman?"/"No, other chairman; moar garbage for them to swallow and drive into being dirty and dumb; and they'll have to pay for it as if it's the only music they can get! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!*cough-choke-wheeze-on-expensive-cigar*\"

re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 3:40PM Thread Closed




Sigur Ros


re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 3:51PM Thread Closed

> RIAA still pisses me off

Add them with the PMRC - the christain motivated right wing music 'control' group - and you have the perfect recipe for small minded censorship and the denial of free speech / freedom of expression.. which is unconstitutional? Right?

re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 3:54PM Thread Closed


Inner Universe


Yoko Kanno feat: Origa


re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 4:43PM Thread Closed




Sigur Rós


re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Sep 13 4:48PM Thread Closed


You and Your Sister


This Mortal Coil


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