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re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 4:52PM Thread Closed






re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 4:53PM Thread Closed

> says our P.C. soothsayer

what exactly did i say in the post you put this reply in?

re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 5:17PM Thread Closed


Into Dust


Mazzy Star


re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 5:22PM Thread Closed


Five Man Army


Massive Attack


re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 5:26PM Thread Closed






re: Playlist:  mandolyn  13 Sep 13 8:09PM Thread Closed

haha, portishead!! my husband likes them, but rarely listens to them anymore.
it's been a long time since i heard them.

re: Playlist:  unknown  13 Sep 13 10:09PM Thread Closed

> >>
> Roads
> by
> Portishead
> http://youtu.be/BmxXHF9C3Yg

One of the good ones.

re: Playlist:  Cerulise  13 Sep 13 11:57PM Thread Closed

You should check out The Cold. That band is very energetic for power pop.

re: Playlist:  unknown  14 Sep 13 12:26AM Thread Closed

> You should check out The Cold. That band is very energetic for power
> pop.

Definitely 80's. LOL. I wasn't much into them.
I was more of a Depeche Mode punk in the later 80's.

re: Playlist:  Cerulise  14 Sep 13 12:58AM Thread Closed

Depeche Mode is awesome. If the 90's are your thing, there's a lot of good stuff around my early years. When I was like 4 years old, living in metairie, I walked down the block to listen to grunge and other things with smoking college students down the road from where my parents lived at the time. It was after Hurricane Andrew as far as I can recall, though not during of course.

I find Sisters of Mercy to be good, too; those are considered very much like goth despite that it was based on some European genre in Italy. There are others like it worth getting into like Nosferatu; good stuff.

Believe it or not, The Cold is from this very state and never really got out of being underground or indy. They did this one song that's hard to find called, "Green Slime," and many others that are different than 3 chord city, which is full of great sounds itself as well as easiest to find on youtube since it's old and rare. They are very great for something hard to come by if it's your, you know? The Who coined the same genre in their songs first. It's really out phenomenal pop like this is not mainstream crap.

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