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re: hello  varun  28 Sep 13 1:48PM Thread Closed

come, now, jennifer -

after all the mysticism, all the mechanics, all the magic, and all the science -

only binaries?

re: hello  jenn  28 Sep 13 1:58PM Thread Closed



re: hello  Isabelle5  28 Sep 13 2:08PM Thread Closed

Still lies but perhaps they are better lies now.  SO nice to see you here, Varun.

re: hello  mandolyn  28 Sep 13 2:10PM Thread Closed

> just checking in to see how all i know here are getting along.
> hello.

...hey varun!

re: hello  yield  28 Sep 13 3:54PM Thread Closed

> Did someone just fart?

Every second there is someone farting somewhere.

re: hello  mandolyn  28 Sep 13 4:16PM Thread Closed

^^^ boys and butts and poop.

re: hello  mandolyn  28 Sep 13 4:18PM Thread Closed

> All good lies contain truth within them

hmm, i like that oxymoron. :)

re: hello  Isabelle5  29 Sep 13 9:07AM Thread Closed

sigh...we couldn't be polite for a visit from an old friend?  No one is raising these children to be polite!  

re: hello  starr  7 Oct 13 3:04PM Thread Closed

Hey, Varan!  Hope you're doin' well!  Just saw this today!  Love 2u, my brotha!  :-)

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