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eunoia  AlchemiA  16 Nov 13 9:51PM Thread Closed

thank-you Poetry-Critical for the many reflections and for the big-hearted American yawp of freedom to be whom you want to be, and nonetheless with the Tuum-Est in-it; thankyou for sharing your wrought-out ramblings in which my meaning-making takes a rest and instead, and with great expectation, I surrender to how you-all 'fess-up and down and around and nonetheless always with a wry wit in it ... it's bright and echoes the numinous in-us, the eunoia, the bright language of connecting with each other, an authentic friending experienced in a lightening look... in intertextual-fugues or by-the-book -

re: eunoia  unknown  16 Nov 13 9:54PM Thread Closed

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" is engraved on a tombstone

re: eunoia  AlchemiA  16 Nov 13 10:18PM Thread Closed

in intertextual-fugues, invertendo-innuendo's or mirrorly by-the-book - take-a-look at THIS

re: eunoia  Cerulise  16 Nov 13 10:35PM Thread Closed

What is, "this"? Something I'd like deep and darkly? Mmmm... tastes like Turkish coffee; I should go bang my head in stillness overnight, and sleep in the AM while the dark stimulant enriches all of the feelings I have.

But I doubt there's a way for provocative, private institutions to send coffee across the café, to the customer via buoyant, bountiful body parts any can gaze upon...

re: eunoia  AlchemiA  16 Nov 13 11:13PM Thread Closed

well, Cerulise, you've engaged both sides of my brain, that's eunoia amongst scholars and minstrels alike ...

I dunno' -- one mans perspective is that it's bullshit, which is a manure for the many blades of grass that sprout in their often surprising and perilous journey towards the Sun. Like me, you and everyone. It seems to me that Walt is utilizing the royal 'we' when he says I, and that that 'I' is the pantheist notion of 'I am God, so art thou and every glimmering thing.' He's mostly awesome and often a Mystic in his approach to 'loafing' in the world. Thus he writes from a ballsy swoon, a swoon that flourishes as kisses with the beloved, kisses that are transcendent of lips, and in those kisses, there's a merging into each others mystery.

-- we are each strangers in eternity, the unbelonging ones immersed in an ancient ache of longing -- oh, but our Hearts know this, Love attracts Love, is the secret of the kiss -- it seems crazy that Lovers attract what they need for their Loving as if some wish fulfilling gem exists in their Hearts, where even Time and Space 'folds' so as to bring them closer to the each other -- no obstacles -- so the trick is to Love in Joy, that which you want to become or whom you want to come close to -- a witchery, where you fake it until just by thinking of the beloved so often, obsessing, then the Universe bends to your Joyous wish and delivers you up -- the secret imbued in manifesting -- you become what you Love, so Love up

in Romantic Mysticism the longing is often an allusion of the ever seeking Heart aching for the beloved, as the goal is Love, a hungry love that's never sated - Oh, to kiss the beloved with the same kiss the beloved kisses me, and in that kiss live an eternity - Oh, our hearts know this, Love attracts Love, is the secret of the kiss -- and the law of attraction is as above, so in you, as your wonder turns into awe, your eyes glitter with the beauty that you saw -- all Lovers invent the Beloved, and then the Music, the Poem, the Story is always about that -- the Lover makes the music, the Poem as Story, as a texture of that ancient ache, a reality play which changes in innumerable revisions and realizations forever voyaging with the heart as compass; the heart forever voyages, longing its compass, always going hOMe -- always going, never arrived, a visceReal Love uncontrived ...

I'd like it to be clear, while reality is singing a Siren-Song, reverberating there with it's forms-and-rituals, a fanfare alluring with a languid laissez-faire, calling you with a back-bone chill, a howling frisson thrill, beckoning you to ravish it 'til you'd lose your idiot will, and then the last thing to go, ya' know, is the soul, which gives the pearl it's extra gleamy-glow, you know, the one you'd dive deep to retrieve, you know, where you'd hold your breath 'til the edge of awake, for God's sake...

re: eunoia  Cerulise  16 Nov 13 11:44PM Thread Closed

Eunoia goes between us. Is it inside of you? Is it inside of me? The thunderbolt strikes between a lofty sky and a deep lagoon. Is it inside of you? Is it inside of me? I can't see these things in the dark, and a weakened 2nd eye may open the third a little more, but it's hard to imagine if applying things to regulations that set everyone upon higher learning.

Some things even set those like myself back, diminishing the depth in a submersible journey through a -1 vessel. Perhaps the nautilus is ticking internally, inside my chest, regardless of what's letting me leap and fly so high, ready to fall from some terra in the sky.

re: eunoia  AlchemiA  16 Nov 13 11:51PM Thread Closed

in intertextual-fugues, invertendo-innuendo's or mirrorly by-the-book - take-a-look at THIS

it's artifice and a strange conceit, that we're the meaning makers who are always incomplete -- Heisenberg played with dice uncertain -- yet, deep calls to deep -- the relative dance is to the frequencies of scale : Planet to Planet, Star to Star, Galaxies and Dark matter revolving in the slipperiness of space, keeping pace to their own law of falling into each other, in time and space matter -- I'd imagine dear Wittgenstein with a black hole in his head, bending the light with his insight -- Godal, Escher 'n Bach played with the infinite-in, where all that's left of the Cheshire cat, is the grin -- canons and fugues with Shepard scales, the white whale of Information Theory, the Eternal Golden braid in Quantum tessellations made -- it's all high Higgy dust; where from nothing to everything you see, a Quantum fluctuation made you 'n me: objective + subjective = perspective, perspective + duality = personality, personality - expectation = perception ==> these are glass-beads which make many reflections and can be moved around according to the sound your heart makes when you've a glint in your eye ...

that's eunoia to you too

re: eunoia  AlchemiA  16 Nov 13 11:58PM Thread Closed

is that it then: eunoia-euphoria expressed in longing waves, swelling in each other

re: eunoia  AlchemiA  17 Nov 13 12:03AM Thread Closed

an eunoia-euphoria often expresses as the urge-to-merge

re: eunoia  Cerulise  17 Nov 13 12:05AM Thread Closed

Ah, but what's set in stone is impossible to surmise. You are enigmatic to me, which is just how I like it. Eunoia is one of our great conduits between one another-- although you have a much more flowing brilliantly from yourself than I do given our conditions, I'm sure.

I'll certainly tip my imaginary hat and bow before your wonderful musings that cascade from a maintained orbit onto other bastions around you.

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