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passing through  raskolniikov  23 Mar 16 1:47PM Thread Closed

i don't write anymore. to the benefit of some i would imagine. however before i kalachakra, i have a need to leave behind what i created with words at a time when i didn't understand anything of myself and the universe i created.

enjoy. or dont. they are rudimentary relics and belong to another shadow, another life. but they were part of me and what a better place to graffiti my past than at an old haunt, and old saloon.

love and light to you all.


re: passing through  unknown  23 Mar 16 2:02PM Thread Closed

<3 Rask

re: passing through  starr  23 Mar 16 2:54PM Thread Closed

LOVE u, BUDDY!!!!  <3

re: passing through  Isabelle5  23 Mar 16 5:03PM Thread Closed

Amazing, I was looking for you two days ago, wondering if you'd respond on a thread or if you are here as Unknown.  Peace to your journey, old poet friend.  I don't know about anyone else but I miss you.


re: passing through  Isabelle5  23 Mar 16 5:06PM Thread Closed

sorry, last two posts were mine but I keep getting error msg when I post.  NO NEED TO ADD SNOTTY COMMENTS!

re: passing through  Isabelle5  23 Mar 16 5:28PM Thread Closed

Hi, Starr, please don't feed the trolls.  Feed hate, breed hate!

re: passing through  starr  23 Mar 16 6:57PM Thread Closed

Hee hee.  Sorry!  I'll email u 2morrow.  Nite!  <3

re: passing through  cadmium  24 Mar 16 3:03AM Thread Closed


walking into the valley, night is falling and it's getting dark, but I cannot stop. I have to walk up this path to the beginning of the eleven mile mountain, a foothill of the great mountain. and, I am cold and hungry,  and feel like I've never eaten in my life. and, I must climb to find food -- this is what I say to myself..."to findustrial food".

and, I meet a stranger. but, being a boy, I don't know if this stranger is demon or ghost and I have always been afraid of ghosts. I'll hope he's a demon.

frankly, rask, i was too squirrely to take that trip. may it go as you intend.


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