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Hey!!!!  PollyReg  30 May 16 4:46AM Thread Closed

What happened to Russ Stephens? Seditswing? He's been published in several places. Really, really good and talented poet.

Does he still post on this site....Hey, doesn't he work as a disability worker? That's awesome. I really liked him because of that. I have a disabled child. Kind of felt a connection of some sorts.

I had some email contact with him....Didn't really work out. Sort of had different views on life. Just different people I guess.

Hey, Cadmium, you're friends with him right?

re: Hey!!!!  PollyReg  30 May 16 5:01AM Thread Closed


re: Hey!!!!  plath  30 May 16 5:52AM Thread Closed

From this point on, Polly, you do not get to complain if someone 'stalks' you.  Having purposefully given all of us and anyone who ever visits this site access to your facebook accounts, you have shown that you encourage people, anyone and everyone, to get into your life.

If i were you, I would ask for this post to be deleted.  If you leave it up with your links, then it's your responsibility if you get visited there.

Just a thought.  


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