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Been a while  frogilicus  29 Aug 16 7:01PM Thread Closed

Just wondering if some of the people I posted with are still on? Looking forward to working on new stuff. Songs mostly but how one is different from the other in any meaningful way I am not sure.

re: Been a while  unknown  29 Aug 16 10:16PM Thread Closed

Welcome back!

re: Been a while  Isabelle5  31 Aug 16 5:40PM Thread Closed

Welcome back!  

re: Been a while  unknown  3 Sep 16 7:41PM Thread Closed

Only Mor could sustain these years of being a cunt.

re: Been a while  unknown  3 Sep 16 7:58PM Thread Closed

Mor went to Poetry Circle and everyone laughed at his shit poetry.

re: Been a while  unknown  4 Sep 16 4:31AM Thread Closed

Mor is less
his little part
contracts further
when he farts

re: Been a while  unknown  4 Sep 16 5:16AM Thread Closed

Mor is jealous of Jenn's Sappho.
He could not match her skill to own.
Mor thought he’d set the world aglow.
What shit, that pissy pants Mor.

re: Been a while  starr  4 Sep 16 6:27PM Thread Closed

Hey, frogilicus!  Still kickin' it on P.C.!  Nice 2cu again!  <3

re: Been a while  plath  4 Sep 16 6:29PM Thread Closed

= 4.  Closed.  

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