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poetryandpoet.wordpress.com  cadmium  14 Dec 16 3:48PM Thread Closed

about poetry writing by and for other poets. any kind of poetry or verse welcome, any kind or form of crit. the only thing certain is that you're only there because the UFO people use it as a drop box.


re: poetryandpoet.wordpress.com  PollyReg  19 Dec 16 1:49AM Thread Closed




re: poetryandpoet.wordpress.com  PollyReg  19 Dec 16 10:47PM Thread Closed

You got me with the no character or class bit. I'm not entirely sure why I'm supposed to resist acknowledging other website participants...explain away...

re: poetryandpoet.wordpress.com  plath  20 Dec 16 3:34PM Thread Closed

Holiday season...goodwill to man/womankind????  Practice this.  Thank you.

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