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re: here i am again, it's me... come and see what's over the rainbow  cadmium  5 Jan 17 1:02PM Thread Closed

when you're young and uncoordinated with words, "poetry writing " is a kind of enabled crip-ramp to write anything at all. but, it's not poetry just because someone with no creative energy gets a buzz off enabling themself by pretending on you to be a teacher.

Poetry is finding your own grammar and idiom. that's what we want to find in your writing.  

re: here i am again, it's me... come and see what's over the rainbow  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 2:54AM Thread Closed

"which leaves you and Polly who I can always discount for an on topic reply."

Do my replies have no relevance? I actually thought that particular song was relevant to the conversation.

But I'm not a little joiner and, what's more, cannot, or would not want to make myself be one....even for the sake of progressive 'community'

And It *is* progressive, unfortunately :-/ Its the evolution of poetry...Do you move with the times or stand your ground? Lost? Gained?

I think Cadmium has moved with the times...I think for me, personally, my writing, my true writing, is the only truly personal thing I've got.

Anyway, what makes it so funny is because I thought that song was similar to my posting lately...

This is actually a 'community' that I neither know nor understand and I think (I hope) my writing/posts would reflect that.

What I do know is that people posting poetry on sites like this one are generally mean and don't like spelling, grammar or poor/cliche writing corrected or pointed out. So much so, that in which, the practise of such, so to speak, becomes the defeat of the website.


But I guess if I wanted to do internet community stuff I'd join 4chan or yahoo chat houses or some such. Somewhere it's easy to be a star...

And If I wanted to be really irrelevant to the venue I'd post a song for 'sissy' and it would be "one more cup of coffee" by Bob Dylan


re: LoliPolly Trolly TROLOLOL  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 12:04PM Thread Closed

It's a site for anonymous trolls? It's your forte? I know enough what it is to have little interest in it.

re: LoliPolly Trolly TROLOLOL  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 12:12PM Thread Closed

Of course it's a community. Community enough.

re: LoliPolly Trolly TROLOLOL  cadmium  6 Jan 17 5:17PM Thread Closed

there's this linear mind that thinks by following the tail in front of him, and this non-linear mind that jumps on the elephant and rides it to mount analog. 'semantics', said like a dog barking at a hubcap.

> You don't join 4chan, you clueless cunt.
> Semantics?

re: semantics and clueless cunts  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 9:57PM Thread Closed

no relevance or no reference?

you say

i woof
Johannesburg this, you fidgety
bun bun,  i smell burning.

she mimes
i prefer an East American grain,  
i have a strange infinity
with tables.

you say
i left my teeth at the cat house.

I woof
a spot composition
endearing a thug
to the pig.

she mimes
slurping.  it's been figuratively matched to my gym equipment.

re: semantics and clueless cunts  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 10:01PM Thread Closed

Doh. Should be affinity. Fuck you auto correct

re: semantics and clueless cunts  PollyReg  6 Jan 17 10:24PM Thread Closed

And so as not to disappoint, troll, one for you


re: semantics and clueless cunts named Trolly Polly  PollyReg  7 Jan 17 2:32PM Thread Closed

Phew, I was beginning to think I might have hurt your precious feelings.

re: semantics and clueless cunts named Trolly Polly  PollyReg  7 Jan 17 2:35PM Thread Closed

Wouldn't want to do that, even the non existent among us, have a right to opinion.

It's my New Years resolution to better practise charity.

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