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poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  3 Feb 17 10:38AM Thread Closed

i guess the problem -- and, there is a problem, because so many clunky writings come off my keyboard -- is that poetry isn't the expression of smart or beautiful thoughts, but the creation of beautiful objects.

thought isn't real in the physical world -- a thought is a vapor. writing out a thought is about writing. a well written poem is a picture of the author's physical self -- how they time things, what they want to write about -- how they feel in the physical world: the poem is shaped the way they're shaped, the way we're constructed: the quickness of perceptions, the quickness or slowness to understand. the social real that want to make things real -- what we think is real, what we notice -- what we're able to notice. creative people make things, but they're curious in the first place -- they see that something might be, and that something can be done. intelligence is curiosity, not skill -- curiosity grabs the world, and the more curious the writer the more he becomes a poet, because nothing at all is real unless it stays with us in a physical way.

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  3 Feb 17 2:11PM Thread Closed

there are primitives -- ur-people, in touch with their body and every move is an energetic crush of flowers -- clearing the past away, urging onto the this one or that cute, attracted to shy.

and, they crush poems from their fruit harvest, their smelly childhood life and the lies parents make and certain friends, living among animals: the pile of experience they've knocked out of the tree of life and call their world. and, they show the older poet, wanting to be deemed the superman or mother of god.

they're the ones could talk their way into attila the hun's bed as auditor-friend, as whisperer of flattery. and, they never tell.

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  8 Feb 17 5:18AM Thread Closed

writing poetry -- like the page was the street, and you dove into it from so many floors and what landed was your poem. and, some people are just going to skateboard up and trip and fall on it, and others are going to stagger in and lay down and pass out on it, and that's their poem, that's their reality. and, you know how high up you are because you can see down into the hole as you write, see the surface and it looks porous, like you'll go though it and re-combine on the earth. as though you'd pass through the page and never leave a mark. and, that's the beautiful thing kids want from their poetry, where you don't see the poem, just the body and give it love because it dove so well.

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  12 Feb 17 11:21PM Thread Closed

poetry takes the mind signs and turns the body into a musical instrument.  it's about freeing the mind from the slavery of material reality, by liquifying the names of things into the sounds of things. poets are shamen, learning the motions of nature to ride the river of mind, to turn the river upside down and drain heaven.

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  13 Feb 17 12:10AM Thread Closed

example. I don't invent my images, I see my image in my mind's eye -- I see the river flowing through a certain combination, liquification, of rivers, and flip the river in my mind -- juggling symbols.... and, look at this river and see that it must be of something, and what is it for. and, a river is motion: everything is motion, and it must be draining this opposite of what I stand on... draining the sky, drains the star laughter from the sky. or, to fit the written now, draining "heaven". and, that's the magic way of walking in the sky... In words I created a physical thing, the poem, the complex mantra which is an image of the finite,  to use the finite to walkout of my imagination  -- mind candy -- and back into that body which has been taken from me -- hijacked to make me conform to "sit still, only fuck girls, raise your hand before you speak... be polite." which would be ok, if they all weren't such slow-witted hypocrites who just wanted to be entertained and not enlightened with me through the creative. everything is motion.motion, exchange of particle, is exactly what beauty is. seeing beautiful is to feel the motion flow between what you expect and some ideal feeling you never expected at all. Poetry is motion, not frozen feeling. you create the feeling through the motion of listening to or writing the poem. that's the transcdental of "poet".

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  13 Feb 17 1:30AM Thread Closed

ok, the most arcane thing is that in every poem which opens the body to the brain, there are two voices writing the poem at once. the editor poet,  the one with the pen, writes the middle overlapping text between the two. .. a compromise.  this doesn't matter if it's wallace stevens or yeats or pound -- only a couple of times each -- or a skater or beat a william blake: when it happens it's genius, and when it doesn't happen, we're word shutters like all the rest of them.

a practical demonstration is when a spoken word poet suddenly really does get inspired, and talks faster, catching up with his own quick images and aware that he has to make it also work for the audience... that he can't sound like he's faking it -1 he tries to be in real visionary wording space, for a mixed crowd of girls or boys he's come there to make, and the few real poets he wants authentication from. when it works, it works really well. way better than some suburban dickens archiving his most important thoughts ever. dead thoughts about the sunrise are zombie thoughts.

re: poetry as beautiful object  unknown  20 Feb 17 8:34AM Thread Closed

you have a very nice way of writing

re: poetry as beautiful object  cadmium  20 Feb 17 9:18AM Thread Closed

woah. thanks. i want it to be. hard to write prose.

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