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new sun at midnight  cadmium  5 May 17 12:44AM Thread Closed

que to pavarotti singing 'nessun dorma.'


re: new sun at midnight  AlchemiA  5 May 17 6:58PM Thread Closed

hmm, there's sounds that he produces that're translated into a frisson of feelings falling up my spine -- I'd like to write like that -- with the urge to merge as an ancient ache -- deep calling to deep -- to surrender as a drop into the sea of bliss, which we feel in the beloveds kiss -- it's the bliss of breaking through the barrier of self to become all, beyond these filtering senses that clamor and call -- becoming the cosmic drunk with stars in our head and oceans deep in our eyes -- speechless with sympathies choking our throat, drowning in love 'cuz there's no way to float...

re: new sun at midnight  cadmium  6 May 17 5:36AM Thread Closed

i listen to it every couple of months and tear up every time.

the site is back, and i'm happy for all the people whose work was only stored here and not off-site. but, the spammer is here again -- i'd hoped that there'd be some new way of letting the site be for writers and not for users. i'm not going to be doing anymore commenting or poem posting here until there's a check on how and what gets posted -- like, maybe a delay and release of the post...

spring's here, down here in portland. weather in the 80F degrees. hope your polar bears up there near as you are to the north pole are getting ready for your own spring.

cheers. mike

re: new sun at midnight  PollyReg  6 May 17 10:30AM Thread Closed

Hey boys :-)

re: new sun at midnight  AlchemiA  6 May 17 4:12PM Thread Closed

to build a home -- cinematic orchestra -- Ma Fleur

https://youtu.be/wehuxiAyWT0 -- frissons flow freely listening in audiophile high res

re: new sun at midnight  rafter  7 May 17 12:05AM Thread Closed

Hi guys.

I’m really sorry about all the recent downtime, not to mention your years-long battle against spam and trolls. Poetry Critical has been unlucky to be backburnered so often that it’s been totally out-of-reach and out-of-mind. And I’m sure you’re all aware I’ve received dozens of emails from y’all and not even found the time to answer (I’m really bad at email in general, but my negligence with regards to this community been unconscionable.)

In any case, the web host for the site was acquired by someone else, and the site went down in the process. The timing couldn’t have been worse with regards to my personal life, and I didn’t realize that the site hadn’t come completely back up (not to mention a cascade of other stuff that broke subsequently due to the migration).

The bulk of the code for this site was written 15 years ago! I was 17 and just learning to do this stuff. I’ve done scattered behind-the-scenes maintenance since then but the site has been needing a ground-up-rewrite, oh, since it launched. Its practices and systems are so obsolete that meaningful incremental changes aren’t really practical. Though I’ll try to clean up the spam.

In the meantime I have been writing fresh, 2017-era code for the site for the past several weeks.

I’m well-aware that, as of this writing, the home page boasts an 8-year-old broken promise of new things coming. To say the least, my life has taken me in (wonderful) directions far removed from spending nights-and-weekends time coding the way I used to. But Poetry Critical has always held a special place in my heart. This community was formative for my growth as a poet in that sparkling time when the web was made of those tiny communities. Besides, there are ideas I’ve wanted to implement for a decade!

I have never written as often as the years when I was active on the site and inspired by all your poems and guided by all your feedback. I want to build that space again in way that’s truly modern and preserve this crazy library in the way it deserves.


re: new sun at midnight  AlchemiA  7 May 17 3:14AM Thread Closed

YaY Donald -- often Poets are bent by their life into marvellous creatures, and so too are their works often bent, broken and remarkable -- this site reflects the many paths that are bent by their individuality -- a Poet is like a trail-blazer, like a 'scout' with eyes for something derp'd, they run over the arc of this rolling whirl'd; and they'd run and run, looking hither and thither, then they'd switch-back their eyes from the blind-spot that confabulates the looking-hole with what we all think we know ... you see: our brain makes-up things to fill-in the blanks, so ya' have to send someone askew-of-you, someone who doesn't really know what you'd always do, someone who'd 'wonder' off the beaten-path, someone that can simply-see through this scotoma-hole filled in by the brain, ya-know ...

-they'd detect something derp'd in the blind-spot we all call home-

she thinks they're ?¿ intertextual-fugues ?¿ -- that they're another mythos ЯOЯЯIM:MIRROR that's cracked and makes for many reflections, many "meme's 'n murmurs" and "twitters 'n tweets" which become complete in her, she reads this omen-nomenclature, and prognosticate just-in-time...

re: new sun at midnight  PollyReg  7 May 17 5:17AM Thread Closed

Hey Rafter,

All I was thinking re the downtime was about how shit my last poem was and how I'd never be able to remove it, lol.

Three cheers for uptime!

re: new sun at midnight  PollyReg  7 May 17 6:24AM Thread Closed

Just incidentally, I'm sure glad I never emailed about anything, anyway...I wouldn't have much liked not to get a reply. I'm sure others have though, possibly about me. But all rather silly in retrospect. Take care all. Hope the new site takes off. I won't be around much :-)

re: new sun at midnight  Qayyum  7 May 17 4:10PM Thread Closed

For myself, I do not mind, Donald.

I am also terrible at PR.

Hope you can achieve, insya-Allah.

Peace be upon you.

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