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re: new sun at midnight  DeformedLion  9 May 17 2:11PM Thread Closed

feels good to post

re: new sun at midnight  DeformedLion  9 May 17 2:16PM Thread Closed

what does it mean?

re: new sun at midnight  AlchemiA  9 May 17 4:13PM Thread Closed

> what does it mean?

para-social relationships fire the same synaptic memories as music and TV shows etc. -- memory is the ghost of Christmas past

re: new sun at midnight  Ananke  9 May 17 4:24PM Thread Closed

Thank you so much Donald. We appreciate the place you've built for us.

re: new sun at midnight  fractalcore  15 May 17 11:37PM Thread Closed


re: new sun at midnight  cadmium  17 May 17 9:44PM Thread Closed

> what does it mean?

it means that your spirit must combine with another spirit to make a crystal. poetry is a crystal; crystal is a lattice prism... squished to pure like candy corn on halloween.

reform the norm to unicorn; dream.

re: new sun at midnight  AlchemiA  18 May 17 5:39AM Thread Closed

If reading Poetry is like watching crystals grow, writing Poetry is like crystallizing realizations in time; either way there are a lot of reflections!

Poems are like hieroglyphs made of movable-crystals which became portals with many reflections - it was said that when a reader came to a hieroglyph ( timing and attitude are crucial ) the glyph would resonate at his/her frequency-pattern and insinuate itself musically into the readers DNA,
thus replicating its crystal-patterns throughout and raising the hosts frequency so that new 'thought', new perceptions and realizations would occur ... the careful reader is sensitive to these changes and dances to the new 'tune'

the thing is that the 'body' needs to be included - it is the instrument, the organic-dancer which rises on reflections of delight, swooning with the frisson of a new poetic-DNA lesson

re: new sun at midnight  cadmium  18 May 17 7:27PM Thread Closed

no dude, you've got it backwards. poetry is the ghost of the poet. the poem Makes time, the crystal grows between you and the author -- the liking of the poem is from believing in the author and accepting because the words sound right. how could they sound 'right' if they had no human component of love in their making? sounding 'smart' is a component, yes, but only the introduction to consciousness.

the body reads first and your mind catches up. the body feels the poem and then your mind 'gets it' and accepts the text and moves on. you use your lips to talk and your eyes to watch for clues. a poem can't give you back any clues except its hermetic text. you use the poem to get happy, then you see the poem is actually important enough to get beyond happy and into creativity. that's if you're a poet. if you're not a poet you just use the poem to feel good until the next bag of cheetos makes you feel even better.

you're not using the poem, the poem is using you.

re: new sun at midnight  OldShoe  19 May 17 6:10PM Thread Closed

Old Shoe... New Laces.

re: new sun at midnight  cadmium  19 May 17 10:36PM Thread Closed

"new laces of 1952". i remember it. that's the review where eartha kitt sang, "love is a simple string"... something like that.

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