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HAPPY  aforbing  31 May 17 5:15PM Thread Closed

U have NO idea how delighted I am to see that the site is back up and running!

re: HAPPY  AlchemiA  31 May 17 5:31PM Thread Closed

♥-ஜღ~∞ Another cycle of the Sun, rolling 'round the Earth you're on. Then in cycles turned your way, yes, a happy happy day. ∞~ღஜ-♥

re: HAPPY  PollyReg  31 May 17 9:38PM Thread Closed

Hello aforbing :-)

re: HAPPY  hank  19 Jun 17 11:49PM Thread Closed

was a nice surprise for me too

re: HAPPY  larrylark  20 Jun 17 3:20PM Thread Closed

Hi Hank

I still haven't seen a better poem anywhere than your one about the old man

Larry pensionable age Lark

re: HAPPY  hank  20 Jun 17 7:16PM Thread Closed

geez...thank you larry...
that means a lot
kind of remember writing it...rolled off my tongue via keyboard in the caribean
mostly remember what it's about and the visuals, textiles

is a beautiful reminder to myself
challenging yourself to catalogue memories in words is...well,
it's easier to just take photos

i hope you are well
are you in england?

re: HAPPY  larrylark  20 Jun 17 9:39PM Thread Closed

It seems like i am destined to be in England forever Hank and that's a long long time especially now those who wish to draw up their moats have voted for us to Brexit Europe.

Larry Tiny Englander lark

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