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for the sake of our own  cadmium  4 Jun 17 9:04PM Thread Closed

"Your biggest failing, Mike has always been just that.
If you'd like PC to enjoy a resurgence why not apply your considerable intellect more wisely without being such an asshole for the sake of your own shit."

LOL. as usual, you haven't said whether i'm in it to make my own weak poetry seem better by driving everyone away. or, whether i'm a victim of ego and think i can say anything i want here in p.crit. without regards to anyone's feelings.

no one here is helpful or useful to me unless they can open the foil package of my poet product and show me that there's nothing but cream cheese inside, and not the diamond sutra i so fatuously think i've created. that's what i want, and what i think everyone here posting a poem deserves too.

it's about writing, not about me or you. about, getting your writing to match what you want to say, rather than talking st. paul or socrates or martha stewart in business correspondent language, trying not to offend but to at least enough to be a slave to your 'it's about me' sighs. the only way i can grow as a poet is to tangle and refine in dialog with other poets. not rehab or human resource facilitators, or gurus or fashion consultants. none of us need an easier path to writing, because writing itself is the path to identity and health. not being liked, but being acknowledged as a fellow traveler on the road to mt. analog.

and, in any case, if i do have some considerable intellect, and am 71 years old and have been writing for 60 years, might it not be that you can let go of being ignored as a child and simply ask to take the tiller now instead of waiting for the wind to die down?  show me where to go, not what to wear.    

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  4 Jun 17 10:59PM Thread Closed

I didn't write that unknown comment...but I'll reply. You don't need to mind people's feelings in your own poems. And if you are critiquing composition feelings shouldn't even be an issue. It's when people critique one another there becomes an issue.  

Like your thing around 'beer' Cad. That's a standard comeback with you. Always. How would you know who your talking to. A lot of writers are sensitive about that issue. I cop it all the time, so does Larry, I don't really care anymore...But, I do believe that people should be clear, that if you, yourself, actually went to run a halfway house for drunks so you could teach the little pets that 'the way to sobriety' is to be exactly like you, I think that the success rate would be about 0%...Somehow.

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  4 Jun 17 11:20PM Thread Closed

poetry critical.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  4 Jun 17 11:37PM Thread Closed

Don't be weird, the name of the site doesn't mean anything at all. If you can't critique poetry without turning it into a personal attack...you shouldn't be doing it. Hence why I don't anymore. People take it as an attack from me. Now I know I'm not little miss strawberry shortcake muffin, but really?

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  4 Jun 17 11:38PM Thread Closed

I'll only comment now if I like something

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  5 Jun 17 1:05AM Thread Closed

probably you think poetry is worthless.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  5 Jun 17 1:45AM Thread Closed

I think writing is an extension of ourself. Not our actual self.

I think poetry has a different definition for everybody. That's why there are different kinds. If your asking me if I think your definition of poetry is worthless, I'll be completely honest, I don't even think you know what 'that' is.

Clearly you like thinking about it though...so it's not worthless.

Is mine worthless. Not really, no. I make myself laugh sometimes because I am readily amused.

I think binge drinking is worthless...(my own?) and really, I wish I didn't do that at all. Or had ever done it, anyway. But I get angry with what you post...with your beer comments...because too many times you try to suggest a correlation with writing and drinking. It makes me wonder why?

It makes me wonder if this is your issue?

What you wrote up there is beautifully written by the way. But if writing is indeed an extension of ourselves it is the exact opposite to how I feel.

I'm not hung up on images or counter images, Cad.

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  5 Jun 17 2:02AM Thread Closed

writing can only be our actual self. you yourself learned reading and writing according to your ability, and your mental ability is determined by the acuteness of your sense abilities. you were exposed to influences, but your ability to sense and figure out what was suddenly in your world was determined by how smart you are towards that sense experience, that new thing. poets are connected left-brain and right-brain -- they sense conceptual connections and combine connections to make new languages to speak with them -- to speak of them.

what you write and how you write it is who you are. people say stuff, but it's mostly just cliche. cliche is like stuff you have stacked in your head for special put-downs and just to shut people up. shutting people up is control, and controlling others is evil because it's like they're drunk, stupefied by your control. they can't be real to you, and being real with someone real is the only human goodness. you can do everything you want, except be. you can't be what you aren't.

alcohol just gets in the way. it makes people happy and sort of better to be around, but they're always so sluggish.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  5 Jun 17 2:35AM Thread Closed

They are not lobotomised you mean? Like moi? LOL

Name of my chapbook has changed from  "what Polly understood" to "polly's half price  lobotomys"

It could be a Debbie does Dallas sort of thingo with lobotomies instead of head jobs

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  5 Jun 17 2:38AM Thread Closed

Psycho nurse returns!

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