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re: for the sake of our own  unknown  6 Jun 17 12:56PM Thread Closed

You're nothing special then -- if that's all you have to draw on -- we live many lives, many dramas, although in your case I imagine much of it was probably self inflicted.
Teen Mike would be a cutter today for sure.
But you're not unique, not the only one who grew up with the flowers of freedom yet never learned to deal with the petals falling, never learned the truth of nothing matters too much.
As for dialogue, I'm far too ancient and rickety to start a 'my life was weirder than yours' contest.
What are you 12?
Be critical of the writing here, as critical as you like, but quit insulting the writers -- it does not work.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 1:29PM Thread Closed

That's interesting, Cadmium. Watching someone get born.

Maybe unknown should ask what's it like to have a baby?

You know, when you shit in front of your partner and a room full of nurses. When your swearing the fucking shit out of the whole ward and your own blood is everywhere, and your water breaks all over the nurses face. When the doctor is holding your torn flaps together, explaining to your husband, "there's only gonna be a little scar. Everything will go back to normal" as he stitches you up. And you kind of know that's not quite right. And will never be quite right....

...But your vag is all on show, and hell everyone's looking at it. Shit, they've had their hands in it...so you smile and you're serene because you don't care, because you've actually done something, those fuckers haven't.

In fact, you're breastfeeding the proof right now.

And sorry, that's probably crude right? I've known men who could never touch their wives sexually ever again after witnessing that.

Luckily for me, both my partners have been horny sexy bulls.

Get over the giving up of ego. That's crap and a story you definitely don't deserve.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 1:58PM Thread Closed

"I gave up ego and asked for a higher power when I watched someone else's child get born"...

Because she wasn't actually biologically yours, was she cadmium? Isn't that what you wrote before?

And that 'higher power' thing...Isn't that one of the steps in a 12 step program? Forgive me if I'm wrong, it's been awhile


re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  6 Jun 17 6:46PM Thread Closed

well, you know, unk, i left out the stuff that i'm not going to admit on the internet. it's not that i think i'm special, it's that i can relate just because i'm so hyper-normal. as i said, if you've killed or raped someone you've got more experience than me. but, if you've never loved someone so much you'd die for them, then maybe you can't really be a poet. you've gotten romantic enough to fantasize, and emotional enough to hurt someone else, but not selfless enough. you just don't feel that way -- you're too demanding and too quick to steal your one move game. to the point where your justifications and protests are starting to sound psychotic... like, 'he's not giving me what i want.' what poet writes from that space? edvard munch paints that way, pleading wanty-needs in a frame, but i don't know a poet who's as non-intuitive and sympathetic to the other. maybe w.h. auden, but he's not really a poet and i think he would have rather written porn, except he was to much a product of his class.

and, yes, polly, my daughter is biologically mine, and i watched her get born. all that blood and sweat you're talking about looked like birth to me, and was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen. i think you could probably write about it and make it sound more like taking a dump. you're on about  what we should and shouldn't write about, and you've never given us anything really personal from your life... just gossip like my little prose autobio here. and, twelve step didn't invent 'higher power'. i never needed a 12 step program and i thought in writing that part that the context would rejuvenate the cliche.

i guess you two get what you need out of scraps of words. i'm glad to entertain, but the stuff you're figuring written and that means you're transparent as people.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 9:03PM Thread Closed

You said before she wasnt your biological daughter. That your wife had been fleeing a bad relationship. and u were helping. *shrug*....You didn't say it in a poem either.. you said it in chat.

What a thing to lie about...,

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 9:10PM Thread Closed

And I wrote about it honestly, thanks. Having a baby isn't a magical sparkle into the art of make believe where every one in the room is having epiphanies about higher powers. It's real. That's what makes it so awesome and humbling.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 9:18PM Thread Closed

You sounded so trite

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 9:18PM Thread Closed

*it read as*

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  6 Jun 17 9:20PM Thread Closed

i don't lie, and you've proven unreliable in your reading. take it from here. my wife wanted to get out of a bad relationship, and she wanted to have a baby to show her parents that she was grown up after all. you look at my daughter and me together, and there's no doubt.

you get to chat, but your value is just 'chat', as long as you and unka just try to win one-move games.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  6 Jun 17 9:27PM Thread Closed

No. You're wrong. I may be unreliable but you're not on trial. It is what you said. And that you loved her as your own. Because I remember thinking, "well that's nice"

I just find it curious

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