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re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  7 Jun 17 8:18PM Thread Closed

Toy soldiers?
Cops and Robbers?

How fun. Can I play?


re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  8 Jun 17 9:35AM Thread Closed

I'm so wickedly excellent at being ignored. See, deep down, I know I'm not intelligent enough for this convo. Clearly. I'm not 'boy' enough either. Or not boy's girl enough. Fantastic at making you (and others) feel good though, Caddy. Right? Without being overt about it. Come on, admit it, you feel good right now. Gotta class as some sort of talent, yo. Not really the one I want but consistent with reality no less.

So anyway can I put my toy soldier in the ring for consideration?


Here you go, not to disappoint:


re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  8 Jun 17 6:46PM Thread Closed

gotta have poet action figures to play -- keats versus byron. you don't have the duds, you can just make action figure shapes with your fingers and not bother typing.

re: for the sake of our own  PollyReg  8 Jun 17 8:29PM Thread Closed

True that. I've lost about 17 kilos this year and my arthritis is a lot better. (Im  only in my 40s so I'm probably gonna be incapacitated with it by the time I'm 60. I have it in my spine as well.) I'd definitely wanna make shadow puppets while I can!!  I'd wanna have a purpose before it's too late no. LOL

re: for the sake of our own  AlchemiA  9 Jun 17 7:51PM Thread Closed

there is no future, there ain't no past and in the present nothin' lasts -- we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are and if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change ...

"I am not an originator but a transmitter." ~ Confucius

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  9 Jun 17 7:57PM Thread Closed

the future is real but as an anticipation. the past is real, but as a rejection. what games we play when we pretend to 'remember' is specific to our own sensual consciousness. isn't it that your confucious 'transmitter' is that recognition that all is motion towards something -- that anticipation that something will come, whatever -- whether it's what we want or expect. the moon doesn't care if a wait for it, the moon doesn't know if i watch it or not. but, i do know these things just because i'm playing 'waiting' and 'remembering' and 'me'.

the only future is the thing you're making -- pot, poem, painting... whatever. baby, even. the only past is what you've made, and there because it's not just a thought or attitude or feeling existing apart from the same self that's your anticipation.

re: for the sake of our own  cadmium  13 Jun 17 12:24AM Thread Closed

never give up.

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