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re: RIP  cadmium  31 Aug 17 10:44AM Thread Closed

actually, my vision of what writing is seems to be the only one articulated beyond 'poetry isn't about anything, it's my feelings'. what is poetry? why do you write it? what practical purpose has it in your life? you and polly and larry can think anything you want about anything, but the only thing i'm interested in is your understanding of why you have to do it with poetry. you guys don't talk about anything. you blabber about your hurts and drunkenly fuck us with your spams, but that's all. that's all it is... nothing. zero. inarticulate stupidity. people here do write -- danny writes, known sits over in the corner masturbating, but it's done on a keyboard. even larry manages to wake up once in awhile and remember that he's writing to strangers and not to his drunken pub buddies. people are here, the people who stayed around really needed to. i need to. that's the only reality, that they needed to write. you're writing, but it's like you're talking about your dead emotions not being stimulated by whatever you've been looking for here. if you were a poet, you'd write poetry and write in comments why my stuff didn't work. that'd be subjective, but if you don't want to change a poem that doesn't work for you into one that does, you're not a poet.

if the site didn't say 'poetry critical' i'd have never expected you to be an inventor of poetry.

re: RIP  PollyReg  31 Aug 17 6:09PM Thread Closed

What you don't understand about thinking anything you like, Polly (ie, any single other participant in any given world) is that it is allocated by me. Giving people the gift of their own conscious thought, which by very design is lesser than my own, is what poet does. It is for creative person only.

re: RIP  cadmium  31 Aug 17 9:07PM Thread Closed

it's about being able to do more with words than just think them. you have to show your thought in  co-spiral with your emotion. you have to show your dream and your witness at the same time. you've intuited this. that's why you have to post youtubes instead of personal expressions of your own. I'd be depressed too.

re: RIP  PollyReg  1 Sep 17 1:27AM Thread Closed


re: RIP  PollyReg  1 Sep 17 1:38AM Thread Closed



re: RIP  unknown  1 Sep 17 5:28AM Thread Closed

You'll be okay, Polly

re: RIP  PollyReg  1 Sep 17 5:29AM Thread Closed

Of course I will, I always am. It's not really the point is it?

re: RIP  unknown  2 Sep 17 8:07AM Thread Closed

Evidently quite so, Pol-de-rol-de-rol.
It should be, about the handful of writers still left on this site doing more than resurrection by crit for poems from 2012 and posting tired links to Talking Headers.
Tetto and Plath, etc, may no longer give a diddly but I like to think there are those who still do.
And yet organizing poets to take action is tougher than chewing on the grizzle round Mikey's thick skull so this time it really does seem like RIP.

re: RIP  cadmium  2 Sep 17 9:08AM Thread Closed

write comments, write thoughtful critiques, that'll help your poor oppressed offended poets find a voice. right. like, hank cares what You think about his writing. we're writing at each other here. if it was just for likes and positives we'd just to facebook.

re: RIP  unknown  2 Sep 17 5:10PM Thread Closed

Never was a vanity site.
But I've rarely considered your contributions to be 'thoughtful'.
You may have mellowed a tad, but there has to be a better way.
Dumb humans keep on making the same mistakes over and over, I guess.
And our moment goes quickly.

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