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re: RIP  cadmium  2 Sep 17 6:14PM Thread Closed

always was about vanity. vanity is a poet's engine. fatuous isn't vanity,  it's ignorance.  ignorance is bliss until you see that there are people who know what you're doing. then you either try to figure out how it's done,  or you back down and work on your spelling and manners. everybody who spells gud is a poet, if they have time to write.

how was burning man this year? exciting and empowering? so many people like you there. I suppose the sky wasn't big enough for you, but you got some hugs.

re: RIP  unknown  3 Sep 17 9:52AM Thread Closed

Vanity's a choice the ego makes.
For me the need to express emotion is usually the engine.

Wonder why it's not burning woman/person --but never my scene-- I prefer the solitude of my own personal desert with a watery full moon about to bloom rather than a plastic hugfest contrived to fleece bucks from the kidz.

re: RIP  cadmium  3 Sep 17 11:09AM Thread Closed

any factoring is a product of ego. you either accept that you're creating into the material world, shaping what you make with your needs and the needs of nature, or you don't write poetry. your emotions are actually created as you conceive of your state of being, your feelings and environment controlled by your consciousness and physical age. poetry isn't thought or intention, it's an artifact of your need to say into space.

poets invent emotions. people feel things but poets say what it is people are feeling. haven't you noticed this? that people will tell you that you expressed what they couldn't say?

re: RIP  unknown  3 Sep 17 2:35PM Thread Closed

Airy-fairy aside, in the long history of misunderstanding the question of meaning remains.
The author's intent or the reader's interpretation -- meaning lives in minds.
But meaning defeats itself when every reader provides their own and as a result communication breaks down.
That slippery slope is why obscurer poems don't entertain and the bitter pill is, that unless writing as poets we manage to entertain more than just ourselves or a handful of dreamers in internet cubbyholes like this one, then we may as well march up Trump's asshole backwards into the abyss when written poetry's future seems so bleak.

re: RIP  cadmium  3 Sep 17 7:26PM Thread Closed

an understanding of meaning as its being a subjective knowledge of a mechanism -- the kind of meaning a tire iron and a rim would have for the poor wet emo caught in the rain. direct and emo certain. much different from the physicist`s intuition of time and space. the emo will fix the tire and remain the same, if somewhat more smug, consumer of data.

you're not a poet unless you're inventing poetry. to talk of poetry as some perfection is silly. it's the reification of the individual. if you simp out and never become a poet, sure... Poetry won't mean anything for you. that won't effect the working poets, the one who have the secret of words.

fuck your interpretation. the writing means as much as you can get your head around. if you're a genius in words, you'll find the author and the poem enough to be able to write the poem yourself. Write anyone's poem..

I'm tired of explaining  color to the blind.if you're not into developing your own genius, fuck, as GOETHE said, off.

re: RIP  unknown  4 Sep 17 1:29AM Thread Closed

Every one of us is good at something.
But be honest with yourself, quit self deluding, poetry and communication is not your bag.
I understand how bitter that's made you not being able to entertain when you have most of the tools and that without the recognition you crave you resort to pram baby rants that alienate and discourage others.
Put simply, you do not know how to talk to people, poets or not.
I started this thread as dialogue for anyone -- not just you.
And anyone who's been around this site a while will be familiar with your holier than thou theories about what poetry is or is not and your real motives for expounding them.
Well, look where your way or the highway leads.
And if there's only you, then QED RIP.

re: RIP  cadmium  4 Sep 17 1:39AM Thread Closed

so, everyone is good at something. why not hang out at something critical then, see if that suits you. maybe you're a short story writer using 'poetry' as this easy way to put something in writing without really knowing how. after all, poetry is just this flaky thing, isn't it? not real -- you can just write anything and nobody can criticize you cause you're such a good boy. you're good at lying and cheating too. that's cool. lying and cheating critical might work, but you'd probably find people better at it than you there too, and they'd hack and shred your machine and you'd be homeless.

re: RIP  unknown  4 Sep 17 3:31AM Thread Closed

Well bless my soul, you never know what 'll come out of an old goat's guts when he finally throws up.
But I ain't surprised they're kicking you out. A spell on the street again might do you good.
Restore the focus and all, clarify who you really are.

re: RIP  cadmium  4 Sep 17 4:12AM Thread Closed

I'd guess I'm your paw. sounds like that's who you want me to be. good you're working on a prose style. you can post it on poetry circle. remember that you don't have to think up your own plots. henry James got his plots from friends and even the newspapers. What you need most is to make the story sound like it's telling itself -- either through the competence of the narrator or through seeming to be a shared mind object the reader read-izes into life.

the smartest thing is to tell a children's story for starts. something simple, cause everyone thinks they've got to sound as heavy as Hemingway. that only comes with writing age and life. I don't think you want life yet, but writing and the writing the whole thing again and again will teach you self control. come back when youre not afraid of sounding dumb.

re: RIP  unknown  4 Sep 17 4:38AM Thread Closed

It's OK to quit feeling bad about your situation when it's past your bedtime.
You'll feel better after a good night's sleep and who knows, tomorrow you may even discover there's life AFK.

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